Logic for HTC Desire Q


Combining a role-playing game about zombies and spots is a funny task, but quite real, especially if we are talking about our favorite android, and what happened in the end you can study further;)


A new tactical game from an independent developer, which will allow you not only to pump your brains, but also to plunge into the world of spies and secret operations on your android!


An interesting puzzle in which you will act as a signalman, only the format of what is happening is reminiscent of old telephone exchanges where people switched wires ...


The “three in a row” format continues to develop on the android, offering more and more new types and purposes of combining elements, for example, in today's novelty you need to raise a child ...


Escape games are very similar to each other, but still continue to attract close attention of android users, so, catch the next representative of the genre!


If someone misses the puzzles about the doors and rooms from which you need to get out, solving various tasks, here is your chance to get a little distracted and do your favorite thing.


The puzzles on android traditionally occupy a special status and for the most part are very exciting, and this one even has an interesting story about the future, what do you say?


Another puzzle for the android that will make work not only your brain, but also the creative component, because here we will talk about interior design, and it is always interesting!


At first glance - a typical puzzle format "three in a row", which is very popular for android, but in fact there is a plot and new characters, and even the original mechanics.


Novelty serving in a rather rare genre of board games, which on the android and indeed in electronic format are very poorly represented, but today there is an addition to their regiment!


Here is a continuation of a series of crazy puzzles, in which the most important thing is not how you can move the convolutions, but how crazy you see this world, fans understand;)


The first part of this game successfully collected more than ten million downloads, which can be called an excellent result for the puzzle on the android, so the release of the second part was only a matter of time ...

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