Logic for HTC Desire Q


“Three in a row” continues to conquer the game world and this time it was combined with something like a strategy about a detachment that survives as part of a zombie apocalypse, you won’t think that brains will help ...


At first glance, the typical “three in a row” format went on the offensive, offering players not only a storyline, but also interspersed with a search for items, which in total was very interesting!


Puzzle for android on the theme "Alice in Wonderland", but a little modified and essentially classic. The “three in a row” format continues to live and delight you with new tasks, right?


The new format of typical escape room puzzles will offer you very smooth graphics and fairly small locations that you will observe from a third person, progress!


A horror classic for android in which you will control a character who has lost his memory and ended up in a morgue ... To figure out how and why you have to, so take care of your nerves!


A novelty in the genre of specific puzzles about closed rooms and doors that need to be opened in order to get to the next level, but what new will we be offered here?


Puzzle for android in the style of "minimalism", which will offer you to study the voluminous and rotating world, divided into many short levels, everything is neat and very interesting!


A novelty in the tactical RPG genre for android in which you will meet the classic pixel-art style and even the roguelike format, and also, this is a work from indie developers!


A simple, casual game in order to relax, will suit the whole family and allow you to keep your attentiveness in good shape, that’s what you will be offered in this new Android app!


A little bit of a board game, a little bit of a card game and we get a rather interesting project on an android which will be interesting to play for almost everyone, especially if you can figure it out;)


A new puzzle for android, which has a smooth, concise design, simple controls and fairly fast growing complexity, so you can not even relax.


The well-known game developer NetEase Games has released a novelty for the android in which we will talk about chess, which is quite unusual, but nonetheless very interesting!

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