cars for HTC Desire Q


Desert, brutal cars and fierce battles at high speed! No, this is not another game based on the “crazy Max”, but do not be discouraged, the game is still epic and interesting!


A little atypical race for your android, which children will like first of all, and not avid fans of the genre, however, this is a very exciting adventure!


New in the genre of simulators for android, or rather, the second part of the game, which has become even more realistic and more like a real job ... because you want it?)


Being a taxi driver is hard work, especially if the tasks are invented for a specific purpose, and your task is not to get into accidents, which will be hindered by various obstacles.


When the typical race is already tired and you want a little madness, then this new product for android, which is ready to offer you both racing and madness, all in one set can be the way out.


A simple, understandable and slightly insane race for an android in which there are actually no opponents, but you can always fight with your past result, since here we will talk about tricks!


Excellent race for android, which will allow you to relax, because you are not in a hurry, you are one with the road and the car, getting real pleasure from this tandem.


In an attempt to combine all the best and proven, and even the fact that everyone asks the developers sometimes come to such strange results, namely, races about which we will tell.


Continuation of a series of games from the popular parking genre and driving simulators, from developers, on whose account such projects are already full, let's see what they did!


The usual races today were already, so we decided to start up the second echelon of not ordinary, but rather funny and positively positive ones that should be paid attention to!


We found out here that there were no races on our website for a long time! Classic and understandable races, so we found a worthy representative of this genre and tell you a little about it!


Pathetic name, do not you think so? However, why not, if in fact developers have something to be proud of? However, we decided to check how things really are.

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