cars for HTC Desire Q


Races, which got a third-person view and a fairly modest track size, but despite this, there is very modest graphics, physics and mechanics, which means this is another hit!


This game is a tribute to the classic childrens fun! Many dreamed, and someone even had their own toy circuit at home, and here you can get one on your android!


And again, the race for our beloved android, which this time is already a more informed and interesting project, which is really worth paying attention to fans of the genre.


This winter, the developers staged a real battle for the title of the strangest and most backward race for android, and this is one of the competitors, but we, as usual, will try to find something good in it ...


A novelty in one of the most popular genres for android is racing, in which you will become a member of the community of street racers who arrange racing in a straight line on a variety of cars!


The year began with a large stream of low-grade racing projects, but if you know how to find beauty in everything, then this game will find its place on your android, and everyone has different opinions ....


They didn’t think that they were still meeting, but it turned out that we were mistaken, so, before you is a fresh racing runner for the android, which looks very archaic, but nevertheless, it appeared, and we will check it!


An arcade platformer race in which there was a place for robbing a bank and for off-road driving and for chasing with the police, which is quite exciting. Try it for free on your android!


Fresh online races for your android will allow you to get involved in the fight for virtual awards and ratings, while the main emphasis is placed on the possibility of developing your car and other tuning.


Racing, which came out of previously popular racing runners, but there are more options and in general, the game turned out to be quite interesting, albeit without claims to leadership in the genre.


Simple graphics, animation and no particular deviations from the genre, however, before you race for android, which have recently quieted down, from the point of view of the genre, but soon everything will change!


With each new racing game on Android, all fans are waiting for the genre to step forward and finally offer something from a huge list of what was missing ... let's check what we have here!

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