military for HTC Desire Q


Fresh action, the format of which is not very familiar to Android users, due to what is required to meet him! What's going on here - read on!


We were on site again was a very interesting and unique project, which will suit the true tactics and any other thoughtful players, who nevertheless like to shoot.


It has long been seriously we were not at war, so here is a game with the ability to get under the command of a very cool toy - namely, a warship, powerful and deadly!


The new strategy game in which you have to fight in space, on distant planets to defend the honor of your coalition, are you ready to join the battle?


The next game for the android made on the subject of the Second World War, the theme, though battered, but always up to date, and most importantly - work touches many so far!


Great strategy from the creators of Clash of Clans and Hay Day, a game that will be a full successor and keep an army of fans and admirers, so swing and have fun!


Game GI JOE: BATTLEGROUND allow you to determine what you are willing to fight for freedom? Are you ready to scream with laughter and take over the command of the heroic strength, ready to confront anyone and everyone who let the wind of hope of peaceful citizens on freedom and the rule of law?


Game Total Defense 3DTower Defence is a new level of action nawashi android, combining vsebe best genres to form a unique entity called RTS. Fight vneizvestnyh universes Eaton in the sea battles iudovolstviya that vygarantirovanno get.


The game Arma Tactics THD came to us from the PC world, where it has already become common and a lot of interesting modifications due to a combination of genres such as action, shooter and a classic strategy. I hope that for the owners of Androids this project will develop further and take many hours of beautiful gameplay, bringing the classics of the genre and impeccable quality to the masses.


The game Hills of Glory 3D was created after the Second World War, and your task - to stop Germany and save Europe from total destruction. Combat operations are based on the classical principle of survival - kill them all and try to survive, if you make it. So set down in Italy and start to make history with his own hands.


Modern Conflict 2 game is a continuation of a great strategy from the developer Gaijin Entertainment, is famous for the first part of the game and some more successful projects. As is usually the case, the second part will offer you a new battle and finally the opportunity to fight with friends in multiplayer mode.


Game FRONTLINE COMMANDO: D-DAY is another masterpiece from the beloved by many development teams Glu-Mobile, which is not the first work for the android users and delight us with new and great games. So this time, you will find a great shooter with a first-person, which is set during the Second World War, you have to play well for the Allied forces, captured by invading French territory.

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