Shooting for HTC Desire Q


Top view, epic music and rather high dynamics - this is what you will get as part of the new shooter for android, not to say that it’s a masterpiece, but it’s very suitable as the next time killer!


The series about Chernobyl breathed new energy into the theme of "Stalker", which is rather poorly represented on the android, but this project will offer you an excellent online shooter in a dangerous area.


"Stickman" has long been registered on the android, but this time it began to look different, but few people would be confused by the backdrop of a dynamic shooter, the actions of which are played with cool music!


If we talk about the classics of the gaming industry, which slowly but surely appears on the android, then it’s worth saying right away that there were few rivals in the “shooter” genre, up to this point ...


The subspecies of sniper shooters on the Android has recently been poorly lit on our website, so we decided to find a novelty for you in this genre and suggest it for review.


Another online shooter from an independent developer, which is worth mentioning, because it is such projects that deserve the most massive mention in order to develop and delight us more often!


Another representative of the now popular format “royal battle” is available on your android, which means that everyone can get ready for a tense battle with other players.


Voxel shooters have long been declining in popularity and relevance among the audience, but its number is enough for new projects for android to appear, one of which is before you.


And again, the robots rebelled, and you are waiting for new adventures on your android, which will occur on a spaceship that has been attacked by those same robots, can you cope?


Nothing new in the format of a zombie shooter for fans of the genre for a long time was not, as in this new product, which walked through the classics of the genre, however, this is not a shooting gallery, and this is something, do not you think so?


For those players who still have a little zombie games, a novelty has arrived in which you can do your favorite thing - the destruction of monsters in any of their manifestations.


A new android shooter on a rather old theme, which refers us to the game Minecraft and its cubic graphics, which of course can hardly be called modern, but the action will not be less.

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