Action for Toshiba Excite AT200


A beautiful pixel platformer about the skeleton, which went against its creator and decided to fight the evil, which in this world and so too much!


Epic fighting game, in which your main weapon will be a good reaction and the sword of your hero, something like this has repeatedly appeared, but such games do not happen much!


A fresh variation on the theme of Vikings, platformers and action games, that the game in itself was able to unite, if interesting - read on, we will take it to the shelves.


All the big turns are gaining games with the open world on android, which is wonderful, because this is a whole niche, which is not yet full at the moment! Let's look at the next applicant;)


Western, open world, quest - these are the three main components on which this game is held, and frankly, this is not so little, especially for the android format;)


A game for those who do not know how to entertain themselves, but in principle they are trying to find a game about zombies and apocalypse, and this is what the novelty of itself is.


Not the first, but still interesting and cool game about real survival, within which you will have to face a lot of other players ... cope?


Step-by-step battles and a multi-user format, that's what the developers said about their offspring in the description. If you do not look at the game, it may seem that everything is very cool ...


A crazy platform shooter that brings us back to the times of pixel games, when they looked a little worse, but offered a similar gameplay, great times were!


I do not know how boring you are with modern role-playing games of mobile format, but I found one that literally glows in attempts to replace many other projects!


A new role-playing game that will tell you a rather sad story about the racism that has arisen in a world where elves, orcs and sorcerers live ... Break the bonds of bondage and declare yourself - that's what will help!


A fresh role-playing game that literally sends you back to the past, where you again go to the dungeon to earn yourself wealth and fame, how do you like this idea?

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