Logic for Toshiba Excite AT200


All of us for a long time already know such a puzzle as 2048, in this case, it's no secret that for your android has long been a lot of its variations, here's one of them, check!


Once again, the developers send us to the "dark" side, in any case, according to their intention in the framework of this game, we will perform the role of evil aliens ...


A new game from the genre of "puzzle", which is available for your android and unlike many competitors offers a whole set of those, which is quite unusual.


Continuation of the popular game, performed in the classical format "Escape", which, moreover, continues the previously begun history, maybe now it will end?


A novelty in the genre of puzzles, the main feature of which will be the opportunity to equip the house of your dreams, having developed for him a unique design.


The original puzzle, which, among other things, can dilute the latest reviews of classic graphics in the style of "retro", which sometimes is very appropriate!


A new and rather unusual puzzle in which you will be controlled with lasers on a hexagonal field, and still, it will help to remember the classical laws of optics.


A new puzzle that will offer you a certain entertainment, but in an unusual format that definitely will seem to many very interesting.


Cool and very fresh puzzle for your android, in which you will work with chips from natural materials under relaxing music!


Continuation of one of the most unusual and generally slightly frostbitten puzzles to date, the developers of which have found a new topic for fun - politics!


Surprisingly funny, but at the same time and a complex puzzle, within which you will save a sweet piglet about a true death, so that here is noble and interesting at the same time!


Continuation of a very popular and recognizable series of games about the plumber, in which we had to connect the pipes, but time goes by and everything changes a little;)

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