Logic for Toshiba Excite AT200


A new puzzle for your android in which you will be offered not only to make a fascinating walk to different places, but also to visit parallel worlds!


A new puzzle in which it is necessary to connect a pair or several elements with original wires. We already encountered something like this, but it will not be superfluous to repeat it.


A new puzzle that uses the original mechanics, we did not come across earlier, so why not watch the game interesting?


A puzzle from independent developers who managed to "grab" a pretty decent award last year and eventually became a paid project ... let's see why ...


A new puzzle for the android, which was originally claimed as a rather complex project, completely pass that can only 12% of potential players ...


A brand new puzzle for your android that decided to remind us of the long-forgotten game called "three in a row", which has not appeared for at least a month ...


A new puzzle, the ads of which are twisted in a variety of applications, something like that I stumbled upon it, but it turned out - it's not just a twist, it's an interesting piece on the way out;)


This game will be a gift for all the fans of the Scooby Doo cartoon! You are waiting for new adventures, mysteries, riddles and other incidents that are sure to be discovered there;)


Another and very interesting variation on the theme of the famous puzzle format 2048, which is so clear from the title, that's just where we are waiting for zombies!


Another quest from well-known developers in their genre, which will tell us a fresh and very fascinating story about how the world of our dreams acquires something in common with reality ...


The game, the developer of which clearly hates triangles, which, by the way, did not stop him from making the game not just complicated, it's real hardcore! Are you ready to jump into this abyss already in January?


Robots, energy, a local disaster and attempts to eliminate its consequences - that's what awaits you in this game, the main purpose of which is to pump your brain, puzzle, no matter how!

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