Logic for Toshiba Excite AT200


All ingenious is simple, that's exactly what you can say about this game, which will show you on the one hand a simple, on the other hand a very entertaining gameplay.


The game for the brain in which you need to destroy, and for that there is everything you need, which means we invite lovers of chaos and such a kind of relaxation after a hard day on the way home.


Surprisingly unusual puzzle from Chinese developers in which they were able to tamp in one project and a warm-up for brains and battles with other players and turn-based gameplay.


Great puzzle format "three in a row", which should appeal to all fans of the genre, in the first place, it is different in that there really need to think.


In the regiment of casual, cute and even some useful games arrived, if you did not guess - we are talking about a “three in a row” puzzle, another one, yes, everything is as usual ...


Another and in our opinion a very successful variation on the theme of puzzle 2048, which has long become a classic for mobile devices. This time we will generate monsters!


A new role-playing game in which the “three in a row” genre has penetrated, and this is already a rather familiar format that continues to evolve and offers us more and more new adventures.


The continuation of an amusing series of puzzles, which is filled with strange jokes that are far from being understood by everyone, however, originality takes its ...


The popular format from the series "three in a row" has received a new reincarnation, which very much resembles almost any of the competitors, which themselves are almost the same.


At first glance, a cute and very beautiful game will actually turn out to be a rather hardcore arcade in which you will have to think and test your reaction again and again.


Are there any casual puzzles? As practice showed - yes, there are one of these, we recommend that you pay attention, especially if you were looking for something for the whole family.


Games in the format of "escape" with the search for items are still relevant, so that, for you, there is an excellent option that will allow you to have a good time at the weekend.

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