survival for Toshiba Excite AT200


A cool game in which you can take part in survival races, which combined a lot of modern technologies and the classic voxel assembly, previously popular on android.


Continuation of the masterpiece from the developers of Warm Lamp Games, what else can I say? This time, your hero was driven into the heart of a ruthless bureaucratic machine, can you handle it?


This is not the first game this summer in which you will have to survive among dinosaurs, unlike others, it does not smell like a plot here, however, this is compensated by a first-person view;)


Survival is a wonderful genre that can always and everywhere be used, so it is not surprising that such games come out again and again, but what was new offered to us this time?


We have repeatedly encountered the games about survival on Android, so another example of such a project will not surprise anyone, however, there are a lot of interesting things and even dinosaurs!


Fresh game about the next apocalypse, where your character will have to survive, of course, on android you can download it for free, so use;)


The game of survival is popular, and still popular zombies, and even dinosaurs ... but what if you combine these three directions in one game? The result is in front of you, read more.


The novelty, in which we again face survival, but this time the mutants are not the biggest problem, but the radiation, the devastation and the lack of resources, this is already serious.


A novelty that will interest all fans of the STALKER theme, which is rather poorly represented on the android, but is gradually developing and expanding.


As practice has shown, games of thoroughbred genres quite strongly lose in importance and are not ready to compete with those who have learned to combine. Our novelty - combines;)


While the world rental is tearing the second part of the movie Jurassic Park, we will offer you to go on an adventure that will be filled with danger and dinosaurs!


Novelty among the races for survival, which was not the easiest fate, but still it got to us and today we will present it to you.

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