Flying for Toshiba Excite AT200


A casual scroll-shooter, here is how you can characterize this novelty on an android that will offer you a military plane and many opponents to be shot.


Continuation of the game, the beginning of which the owners of Android and did not see ... but it's like a sequel, which is intended by the developers became even better!


A game about the eternal confrontation between cats and dogs, and how you think, where the final battle will unfold? It goes on space open spaces, using the technologies of the future !!!


Some of the developers are actively advertises "console" graphics in their applications on Android, while others just go on and drags games consoles on android ...


Furrow sky and shoot at the enemy - this is what is offered to us in this game, which is exactly like all the people who do not like to bother with the management, and fly - on the contrary;)


Not so long ago we had an overview of the next scrolling shooter, so here's another one ... so purely for comparison, though this genre is becoming more and more!


The third part of the air action from Kalloc Studios, who have decided that it is a good idea, despite the slight changes in the gameplay, which is not much different from the previous parts.


Fresh scrolling shooter for those who like something a classic, hardcore and many other buns that offer these games, we'll see what else there was overlooked interesting;)


New game with not the most popular name, only this time you do not need to look for the keys to the door or to pick up codes, this one will have to steer a spaceship!


Finally, a new Android-letalka, and then I began to forget about the genre as a fact, because the last time he was lured casual scrolling shooter, but about cloud forgotten.


Another attempt to bring together developers and designer racing genre, look at what happened this time, usually comes out pretty entertaining!


Excellent opportunity to steer the flying saucer, and it's not about some aliens from outer space, and the real plate, called a frisbee! Bonus - eminent developer;)

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