Shooting for Toshiba Excite AT200


Recently, more and more full-fledged shooters for android, which is definitely good, but what does this mean for a simpler format, namely the shooting range? Let's understand.


Many fans of shooters know the name of NOVA, because this is not the most popular, but still well-known shooter from an equally famous developer ...


January is not rich in high-profile novelties, another proof of what this shooter was, which once again throws us into battle against the hated zombies that flooded the city.


A fresh attempt from previously unknown developers to make a gloomy shooter with our favorite heroes - zombies, from which once again our hero will have to shoot back.


In this game, you again have to protect civilians from the zombie army, which is driven by a thirst for fresh flesh and brains, which can not be tolerated, so, resist the last forces!


A new game, made in the format of a platform shooter and appealing to the origins of the genre, which even the developers do not hide, let's see what else they hid behind the massive description.


Fresh indie-game about zombies, which tells about the survival of two brothers who decided to meet hard enough all the dead people who will fall on their way!


The game, which is a mixture of action and shooting, will tell you a fascinating story about a mythical state that needs to be protected from demons.


That's what happens, if you make games for children for a long time - you get about such platformers about paratroopers who are actually dogs, but they are fighting ...


An interesting shooting gallery in which you will again fight with zombies, but more consciously, because the reason for this state of affairs here is surprisingly come up.


Apparently, we continue to prepare for the next zombie apocalypse, because this game is a regular "simulator" on this subject, let's see what they teach us ...


A dynamic shooter - that's what is missing on the android, they certainly are, but there are not enough of them, and if we talk about the online version, then even less! But, now for one more :)

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