Arcade for Toshiba Excite AT200


A new arcade from the developers of Ketchapp, who recently managed to release not the most cool projects, unlike the previous ones, but apparently they corrected;)


A new arcade that got quite a lot of interesting solutions in the simplest shell of all that could be imagined! Anyway, proceed!


When I saw something like a typical rider, where the protagonist is a chainsaw with legs, while the game has an age limit, well, how could you not be interested?


Continuation of a positive arcade about the irrepressible skater, which found its audience four long years later, and maybe more ... let's see what has changed!


A classic pixel platformer with dynamic gameplay and a hint of hardcore, what else do you need for a wonderful pastime? I think that's enough;)


I do not know how you feel about ghosts, but in this game they will have to destroy a lot, so if this approach is pleasant to you - be sure to pay attention to this game!


A fresh game about basketball, which is somehow connected with it, but, of course, is not a simulator of real sports competitions. Anyway, we'll check!


Fresh, and most importantly a very interesting arcade for android in which you will plow space on a variety of rockets, ready for adventure?


Studio Ketchapp continues to gain momentum and this time it decided to try its hand in the format "io", which is familiar to tens of millions of players, let's see what happened.


A new game, created according to the format of the classic games about gold mining, which, however, does not strongly focus on gold itself ... but not the essence, the classic format and pixel art, that's what's important!


Raners do not happen much, with this everyone has already reconciled, so, today we have another representative of this trend, overflowing mobile platforms ...


A new arcade from the studio Ketchapp, which we were waiting for, at least because I wanted to check how they fix the situation with the last game, and we'll do it;)

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