Arcade for Toshiba Excite AT200


Pet on the android, as practice showed, much more than we thought, so we stumbled only into the second part of the game, which is in front of you and we look at its chips and features.


A new clicker that easily surpasses most modern analogues both in terms of simplicity and in part of its meaninglessness, which is generally the norm ...


Horror of the "new", and even more, this is the second part of the game, and therefore, the past was able to establish itself in this far from the most stable genre, conclusions - do it yourself!


New jumping for the android who decided to follow the classic path of development and did not bother with the new-fangled solutions, everything is simple;)


The more classics - the better, this is how the developers of this game think, because this is all about the zombies with which you will fight in the mansion, nothing like?


Subject zombies will never stop, and the topic of the car and zombies in general is much more popular than many think, and this is a very modern representative of her, which is interesting.


If you are not tired of games that tell you about dreams, otherworldly world and other similar situations, this one will become exactly what you need!


Few crazy projects are always found in large developers, they are not the most profitable or technological, but they are insane, like this game from Ubisoft!


It is difficult to find a fan of the genre "pet" on the android, who would not have heard about the Moy franchise, however, the developers have already released the sixth part, we look!


Another variation on the topic of scrolling shooter, which decided to depart a little from the usual standards, offering us a somewhat strange, but still the gameplay.


From oil to sea monsters - that's the long evolutionary path the developers of this casual arcade have done for the android in which we will hunt!


Is it possible to call a platformer a race? But anyway, we have a platformer in which your task is to defeat rivals, and the main thing is your weapon - speed!

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