survival for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


A new action on the popular survival theme, when you are thrown to the island and you need to fight with other players! I note, this is the third game of such themes for the last couple of months.


Fresh action game about zombies and other mutants, in the zone with which you and find yourself. How much will you have the strength to survive and find your way home? Let's check!


New race for survival, which is not so well known all over the world, but where practiced are very popular! We ram the rivals and have fun!


The last time the game about the apocalypse and survival are gaining momentum again, capturing a decent audience. I suggest you one of the novelties of this genre.


The game for the android in which you need to survive after the apocalypse, and yet there is an open world, craft and other chips that we have been waiting for! I do not recommend this to be missed;)


The idea to create an excellent survival game and now does not let go of most developers, so that we meet another representative of this genre, original and fresh!


This event was waiting for a long time and finally waited! Extremely cool and insanely atmospheric quest-simulator appeared for your androids, we meet!


A new sandbox that will send you to a huge pixel world where you need to survive, extracting your food and materials, creating something new and exploring the world around you!


A game that is worthy of the title of the simulator, which is imputed to it by the developers. And what are we to do? Yes, almost like in reality - to survive!


Role-playing game about the next apocalypse, that we decided to make the developers, however, this time built in survival apogee, nothing else you do not need!


Death Race is an old topic that has picked up and the film and game industry, a representative of which will become the draft, allowing destroy and fight on the road!


New adventure game about Pixel island on which to survive. The idea is generally good, but developers have generally the same again Kongregate, meet;)

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