Strategy for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


One name of this game should already hint at what is happening here, and if you climb a little deeper, then there will be dragons and a desire to conquer the whole world with such powerful creatures ...


If you combine the classic strategy and the format of 2048, then you get exactly the kind of game that you see in front of you, so we recommend that you read it if you are interested.


We have been mentioning this game for quite a long time, because it is from it that the new trend began in the gaming industry, which once again “sprang” from a more popular format, let's figure out what's what!


As the format of automatic chess is gaining momentum, there are more and more games that are ready to offer you something similar, this is one of the new products that we noticed.


Card strategies continue to fill the android, but most of them are quite complex, so some developers come up with a way out, in this case automatic battles.


A new strategy for android in which successfully merged both the collectible card game and the usual format for the genre, however, we recommend to pay attention, what is happening is dragging its feet!


A world-class classic often falls on mobile platforms, however, most often it is a typical “port” from the PC version, and how it threatens you know, but this case is a bit different and why ....


Ordinary tanks for androids are not as interesting as the authors of this novelty thought, and the competition is high, and here you can find the tasks and the construction of the base and many other interesting points.


The classic of the strategic genre has become so rare for the android that many players do not even perceive it as a full-fledged game, which, of course, makes a big mistake, and why - we will tell further.


Find yourself in the afterlife and get out of there due to your mental abilities? It is unlikely in the real world, but in the game - please, using the example of this ascetic puzzle!


Familiar to many strategy format, which developers have shifted to the most current topic of the series "Game of Thrones", and we will see what came out of this merger.


Another novelty for android in which you will find a successful fusion of strategy, bagel and card collectible game, which is quite popular today and enjoys the support of players.

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