Logic for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


An unusual, high-quality and as a consequence very interesting puzzle in which you have to deal with bombs ... at the same time, there is not even a hint of military action!


A fresh puzzle for those who like to strain their brains, but not so much, since the complexity of this can be put about in the middle of the golden;)


Have you ever looked at the world of the Wild West in the context of a puzzle? I think not, so, here's an interesting game in which the developers were able to implement it!


A new game, which probably does not have analogs, but nevertheless, it's kind of like a puzzle of the stealth format, which will tell you from the part about the world of street art!


A new puzzle that, according to the trendy trend now, will offer us another test in the familiar hexagonal format, sounds interesting already, let's begin!


An interesting adventure game for those who are not afraid of the dark! You have to go through many locations in search of special characters and exit, ready?


Role-playing card game about monsters, runes, magic and fierce battles, including pvp, that's what the developers have managed to put into the format of "three in a row", check?


Recently there was such an interesting trend, in which the developers decided to release many puzzles at once in one game, this novelty representative of this trend.


All of us for a long time already know such a puzzle as 2048, in this case, it's no secret that for your android has long been a lot of its variations, here's one of them, check!


Once again, the developers send us to the "dark" side, in any case, according to their intention in the framework of this game, we will perform the role of evil aliens ...


A new game from the genre of "puzzle", which is available for your android and unlike many competitors offers a whole set of those, which is quite unusual.


Continuation of the popular game, performed in the classical format "Escape", which, moreover, continues the previously begun history, maybe now it will end?

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