Logic for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


A new and rather unusual puzzle in which you will be controlled with lasers on a hexagonal field, and still, it will help to remember the classical laws of optics.


A new puzzle that will offer you a certain entertainment, but in an unusual format that definitely will seem to many very interesting.


Cool and very fresh puzzle for your android, in which you will work with chips from natural materials under relaxing music!


Continuation of one of the most unusual and generally slightly frostbitten puzzles to date, the developers of which have found a new topic for fun - politics!


Surprisingly funny, but at the same time and a complex puzzle, within which you will save a sweet piglet about a true death, so that here is noble and interesting at the same time!


Continuation of a very popular and recognizable series of games about the plumber, in which we had to connect the pipes, but time goes by and everything changes a little;)


We have repeatedly met role-playing games, based on the format "three in a row", and in this version the situation is similar, but the basis was taken by a bubble shooter, which is quite amusing;)


A new puzzle that is implemented according to the principle of "Sokoban" that is already familiar to us, however, this time we will not have to cut tourists, but we will have to work hard to think - it will be unambiguous.


A new puzzle, which according to what is happening is very similar to the classical representative of the genre called Hexxagon, but with slight differences.


A wonderful puzzle that will appeal to all fans of horror, especially classics, because it will be about Jason, who is famous for the movie of the same name.


A new puzzle that may seem pretty interesting, especially for those who like to spend time with friends, since there is a multiplayer mode, and the game itself is original!


Great idea - to combine the coloring and the puzzle, which in the end makes the game not only very interesting, but also pretty beautiful, especially if you are a fan of modern "art".

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