platformer for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


A fresh arcade that tells you the history of the world in which darkness reigns, but it is you who will be given the role of the one who will bring light and will be able to change everything!


Strange game, which will be interesting to pay attention to all who love the unusual physics and peculiar complexity, which is represented here in all its glory!


Another blend is a riner with a slasher, where the main characters will be mutants, big and strong, crushing everything in their path, indiscriminately and without delay!


Nothing in common with the well-known game Worms, but still with the participation of a worm this game can unleash the minds of many players, because the adventures that you are waiting to call simple will not work ...


Another novelty, the meaning of which we honestly did not quite understand, so, share your opinion in the comments, and we'll talk about how the game is seen to us and what we've learned from it.


A new platformer, which should download literally every fan of the genre, because such an atmosphere is difficult to confuse something or find somewhere else ...


A new platformer with an interesting control that tells about the adventures of a new hero in the jungle, inhabited by unfriendly natives and other dangerous creatures!


Funny platformer about a cute mutant who can turn into almost any creature, depending on the situation, what we will use when passing levels!


A beautiful pixel platformer about the skeleton, which went against its creator and decided to fight the evil, which in this world and so too much!


A gloomy platformer about the poor girl, who is stuck in her nightmare, where we need to help her get out. We've already seen it somewhere, have not we? But more on that later ...


For all fans of pixel platformers today is a great day, because before you continue the popular representative of this genre, which can already be downloaded!


A wonderful platformer, which will appeal to everyone who prefers simple graphics without unnecessary details and rather complicated gameplay, for you this is what you need!

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