space for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


A novelty in the genre of space strategies, which received at its disposal the cult universe Star Trek, which definitely will cause a lot of interest among its many fans.


A relatively fresh strategy, the actions of which will unfold in space, so if the earthly problems do not interest you, pay attention to this project.


A little space, a little unexplored, plus dynamics, action and shooting - that's a great recipe for an interesting game that you should like, and we'll talk a little about it.


A fresh space strategy that will not only throw you into the deep space, which will become a new home but will also allow you to participate in the events of the universe in every possible way!


Fresh, and most importantly a very interesting arcade for android in which you will plow space on a variety of rockets, ready for adventure?


Space since ancient times attracts both views and science, and in this game you are waited by the sea of ​​adventures which just in space and will occur!


Studio Ketchapp has long been familiar to our regular readers, but today is another case when it surprised us a bit, we hurried to share it with you;)


A new simulator, which, of course, is quite far from worldly, at least, because the actions will unfold on the moon ... Maybe it's time to prepare for such tasks?


A new attempt to make the owners of androids a little closer to the cosmos, showing them beautiful planets and modern graphics, well, why not? The game is really beautiful!


What will happen if you mix TD, the film "Star Troopers" and Dota? It will be something like this game, which surprisingly turned out to be interesting and definitely worthy of attention!


Many now have time to get into a new fashion with spinners? This game is certainly not about the spinners, but about the spacecraft, but the trend is still traced;)


Someone will say that this is another role-playing game and will be right, but in fact everything is a little different, because this is an online space role-playing game, which means that there are no competitors here ...

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