zombie games for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


How do you think, how many new things can be found in the game about zombies on an android which has received such a typical name? We also think that it is not so much, but we will try.


The developers of the new pixel and rather positive game will offer you to protect themselves and their friends, in which we will again have to face another zombie apocalypse ...


New adventures in the world of the zombie apocalypse, so you can not worry until this genre loses its position, rather, it performs castling to build new values.


An interesting mix of zombie shooter with hints on the plot of the movie "Saw", so if you are interested in both, be sure to check out this game, you should like it.


New in the genre of zombie games, which will offer to survive in the next variation of the world, which has experienced a terrible epidemic, and people in the classical sense have become an endangered species.


Zombie games have received a new round of development and now, increasingly, these are multiplayer projects that involve the joint survival of many players.


If shooting pigeons is not yours - we offer to shoot zombies, which is more familiar and more humane, as it seems to us, in any case, in this game you will have to survive again!


New strategy for your android, which may well seem to someone and something familiar, but as usual, we have our own vision of the situation, which we will share with you.


The closer to Halloween, the more frightening games come out and here's another dynamic zombie walker in which you have to fight back from these creatures.


A bit of hardcore, albeit block, never hurts, as in this case, because you have another game created in the style of Minecraft, however, it’s about zombies;)


If you think you have seen all the strangest zombie games, then we have found another one for your collection ... She obviously does not claim to be a masterpiece, but it’s worth a look.


A fresh attempt to do something new and interesting on the basis of absolutely not fresh values, which we all know very well. One way or another, let's see what happened.

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