zombie games for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


Another apocalypse struck our planet ... At this time, crystals fell from the sky, which is slightly different from the typical plot, only the result is the same - everyone turned into zombies, with which you will fight.


And again you have to go to battle with the zombies in this beautiful retro-game for android, where the main role is played by cute pixel cats, fighting for the survivors!


A new project about zombies, which is implemented in the format of a platformer, which, among other things, received a plot component and quite a lot of content, especially by the standards of the genre.


If you saw the letter “Z”, it means that you already understood what is being discussed today, and from ourselves we will only add that it will be a question of a sniper case, the rest is not that important.


This is the case when you need to urgently require localization and we hope that you will help us! And we will now try to tell you how cool this game is;)


Zombie games are a real outlet for all fans of the gaming industry, moreover, they are becoming more interesting and here is a great example of that, read on!


If anyone remembers, there was such a film - cowboys against aliens, and here we will have cowboys against zombies ... It’s hard to say who and where got the virus in those times, but not the essence, but it’s fun.


Another action from Korea, which recently hit something in the zombie theme, both in the movie and in the gaming industry, so let's see what they offer us!


How do you think, how many new things can be found in the game about zombies on an android which has received such a typical name? We also think that it is not so much, but we will try.


The developers of the new pixel and rather positive game will offer you to protect themselves and their friends, in which we will again have to face another zombie apocalypse ...


New adventures in the world of the zombie apocalypse, so you can not worry until this genre loses its position, rather, it performs castling to build new values.


An interesting mix of zombie shooter with hints on the plot of the movie "Saw", so if you are interested in both, be sure to check out this game, you should like it.

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