Strategy for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


Another novelty for android in which you will find a successful fusion of strategy, bagel and card collectible game, which is quite popular today and enjoys the support of players.


Another apocalypse struck our planet ... At this time, crystals fell from the sky, which is slightly different from the typical plot, only the result is the same - everyone turned into zombies, with which you will fight.


Clones and copies settled Android, but what can you do about it when really cool and popular projects don't want to be ported to mobile platforms? Here is a copy of Dota Auto Chess!


If for some reason the strategies about the future or our times did not suit you, then here is a great option that tells you how to develop in the conditions of the wild west.


Science fiction games always come in, anyway, if the developers have tried, and how it happened in this strategy for the android, we now check it out, read on!


Fresh card strategy for android from German developers, which already very much resembles the leader of the genre - Hearthstone, and we will check what happened here is the original ...


Stop the destruction of the universe! After all, this is what you have to do in the next strategy for the android, which turned out to be from Korea, which is famous for its mass of interesting projects!


Save the Artifact at any cost! This is the task that will be given to you by the developers in this Android game, vaguely reminiscent of the popular tower defense genre, your favorite;)


Antiquity is beautiful and always relevant, so it is not surprising that a fresh and very beautiful strategy for this topic from well-known developers has arrived for the android.


Win the leadership in the Galaxy, testing a new space strategy for android made in the style of "retro" and containing a huge number of references that you definitely notice.


Get organized in the state you can in this strategy for android, which can even get the status of a kind of simulator, if you really do not pay attention to the facts ...


It is always interesting with continuations, especially when the continuation is rather ambiguous, as in this case, are you ready again to encounter viruses as part of a strategy?

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