Strategy for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


In recent years, we have managed to see quite a lot of space strategies, but there are some exclusive pieces in this one that did not allow us to pass by!


Once the classic format of strategies has long received a new breath in the framework of a huge number of projects, including the completion, with which we will meet today.


A new card strategy in which you go on an endless adventure, fighting with various monsters, understandable gameplay, which is replete with all sorts of chips!


New strategy for your android, which may well seem to someone and something familiar, but as usual, we have our own vision of the situation, which we will share with you.


Terminator is a world-famous franchise, which was especially vividly introduced in the 90s , when it appeared, and since then it has grown a lot, which we will talk about.


A strategy that is built on the principle of a farm, but still applies to construction and will allow you to be in Ancient Greece, which is fraught with many interesting things.


Games from Korea always cause genuine interest, as many gamers in the depths of their hearts still hope that something like L2 will come out, only better ... but no, not yet.


Before us is another hit that cannot be missed and which precisely cannot be ignored by many competitors, because this is a new round of mobile strategies.


A continuation of a rather disastrous project that appeared at the beginning of this year ... But we decided to give it a chance, in any case, the developers assure that they tried!


Designing your own ship and going into battle with other players is what this game offers you, but she reminded us of something, let's talk about it.


The fresh strategy, which can be timed to the end of this year, but in spite of this, it will remind you of many projects that you have faced before, is it good or bad?


Football manager has long been not a novelty and in general a very popular trend in games, given the ease of use on mobile platforms and the popularity of football.

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