Puzzle for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


Another puzzle for the android that will make work not only your brain, but also the creative component, because here we will talk about interior design, and it is always interesting!


At first glance - a typical puzzle format "three in a row", which is very popular for android, but in fact there is a plot and new characters, and even the original mechanics.


Here is a continuation of a series of crazy puzzles, in which the most important thing is not how you can move the convolutions, but how crazy you see this world, fans understand;)


The first part of this game successfully collected more than ten million downloads, which can be called an excellent result for the puzzle on the android, so the release of the second part was only a matter of time ...


An interesting puzzle involving a robot that needs your help, so if you agree, your task will be in planning its most efficient routes by itself.


A casual game that even in spite of its format is ready to train your brains a little by offering you an attentiveness test that will suit players of any age.


Puzzles for android have long been a great example of the fact that modern graphics and all sorts of effects are not so necessary for popularity, the main thing is mechanics!


An interesting and rather calm variation on the theme of Tetris, which has been reworked in a modern way. Something was removed, something was added and supplied with modern, stylish graphics, and what else is needed?


In this puzzle for android, under your control give the thief who loves gems, which will become your goal. In addition to the typical plot, the game will offer interesting mechanics.


Who will win, you or the squirrel? Anyway, in this puzzle game for android you will be asked to do this, using large acorns that you need to throw in protein and thus motivate them;)


The format of casual puzzles "three in a row" was once again shifted to a cute story, in which the main role will be played by pets who have long conquered the Internet - kittens!


A new puzzle for android in which the actions are again connected with the blocks and the need to paint them, which may seem like a simple task, but as usual, the most interesting things do not appear right away ...

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