Puzzle for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


A new puzzle for android in which the actions are again connected with the blocks and the need to paint them, which may seem like a simple task, but as usual, the most interesting things do not appear right away ...


To become a cook for animals ... maybe it would be relevant, such restaurants have already begun to appear, but what about wildlife? Will her representatives appreciate your culinary skills?


In this puzzle you have to paint the walls, which is slightly similar to the declared genre, but add a few features of moving the brush and hello, high complexity is provided!


Angry Birds already tired? Want something simpler? There is an exit! In this game for android you will demolish the buildings of the skeletons attacking you, everything is very simple, understandable and still addictive, we recommend checking it out!


The classic format of the game for android in which you have to visit many rooms and solve at least as many riddles, ciphers and rebuses, all for the sake of salvation!


To restore the failures in memory you will be offered in this atmospheric puzzle for android, which among other things, will help to train your brains so that you will not have any failures.


Pleasant in appearance and very calm in terms of gameplay, the game combined business functions and the “three in a row” puzzle, however, today this is not news, we have repeatedly encountered such projects.


Release the bird to freedom, something like this you can think about this puzzle for the first frames, but in fact, there is a plot and many other interesting creatures.


Become the hero of the dungeon in the new role-playing game for android where the logic of the rules first of all, which is not surprising, because this bagel was crossed with a puzzle and it turned out very interesting.


The continuation of the Troll Face Quest series of games for your android, which continues to delight us with insane tasks that defy logic, common sense and other tools ...


Here is a cute arcade game in which a shaggy big-eyed caddie solves various puzzles to get a sweet reward, will suit the whole family, so, fly!


While the world only managed to enjoy the trilogy about dragons, which died down on the big screens, we offer you another small piece of this magical world.

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