Puzzle for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


The story about the little prince is already beautiful, but if you stretch it through a modern interpretation, presenting it in an adventure puzzle format, it will be even better!


Save your animal friends in a new puzzle for android, which was created using the not-so-new “three in a row” format for a long time, which is not so bad, because this particular genre enjoys stable popularity.


A gift for fans of surrealism and puzzles for your android! And what’s most interesting, this game is exactly a gift from Rusty Lake Studios, since they have an anniversary, thanks to you!


The next round of the evolution of the “three in a row” genre on the android, where this time your ability to collect crystals of the same color was introduced to a dance match taking place at the top of the screen.


Islands, dragons and the need to combine the same elements - this is a classic for android, familiar under a variety of names, this time from the developers from My.com.


A novelty in the genre of puzzles for android in which you have to face the nightmares of the protagonist, in the role of which is a little girl and her teddy bear.


A fresh, cute and pretty cool puzzle for Android, in which you have to cope with various pastries, which as much as possible need to be put in a basket.


The famous developer of CAPCOM decided to pull out the no less famous dog named Snoopy from a long box and wrapped it all up in a puzzle format for android, we recommend that you familiarize yourself.


Adventures for your android in which sheep, wolves and even the abduction situation will take part, in which, thanks to your skills in working with puzzles, you can emerge victorious!


A game of logic, and indeed for the brain, which will shake them in a very positive way! In general, do not be surprised that this is the third part of this format for your android!


A cool puzzle for android, which at first glance gives the impression of a mechanism from the world of steampunk, but if you look, you will collect beautiful stained-glass windows from disparate pieces.


A rather sad project caught our eye, it, of course, may appeal to casual players who are not familiar with the original, but everyone else, like us, will become creepy ...

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