space shooter for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


A new stage in the development of space shooters, which are rather poorly represented on the android, but this game will become an outlet for fans of space and everything connected with it.


Scrolling shooters, as practice shows, does not happen much, and this means that we are always glad to have a new representative of the genre, especially when he gives high hopes.


Another variation on the topic of scrolling shooter, which decided to depart a little from the usual standards, offering us a somewhat strange, but still the gameplay.


Returning to the classics we draw your attention to the new scrolling shooter, which once again will guide us into space, where a lot of adventures and enemies!


The sequel, which caused pretty much to wait for all the fans of the genre and the game as a whole, what to say, the last part came out on androids 5 years ago ... We meet the novelty!


The adventures in space, which the developers for some reason called a "simulator", from which there is unfortunately only one name ... but it's not so scary, let's look at the rest.


A little classics in the tape will never hurt, so catch a new scrolling shooter, performed in the best traditions of the genre and offering to go into another space adventure.


Before us is almost a classic scrolling shooter, however, we will not get under our control another fighter or a heaped spacecraft, we get a space lama ...


Another variation on the theme scrolling shooter in which you can play on your android, at least if you like action and hardcore, which are present here.


Classic scrolling shooter in which you go to space, and will destroy a lot of enemies, almost as usual, but there are lots of advantages;)


The European branch of BANDAI NAMCO developers decided once again to restart the franchise, which has already passed the age of 30 years ... meet space scrolling shooter!


Again, space, and then battle against other spaceships that and want to destroy you! No matter how many of these games have not done - we still will not be enough, so do not pass;)

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