Mage and The Mystic Dungeon
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Mage and The Mystic Dungeon

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The game Mage and The Mystic Dungeon is an adventure for android in which you will find a fascinating journey through the beautiful fantasy world, which is so beautiful that even the question of why the game is not supposed to arise is paid, but we have, so ...

And we prepared a game in North 3D Studio, on the account of which there are already several interesting and even popular projects, that's the only paid one. However, it's not just that.

The gameplay will throw us into a long journey, and the route will be full of traps and obstacles, however, our hero is quite mobile, and the physics in the game does not cause censures, so you can run, jump and have fun all the way, without forgetting to sharpen your skills, so As each of the following locations clearly does not differ simplicity, rather, even vice versa.

The visual design deserves special attention, because the game is a little reminiscent of the platformer, however, it is completely redesigned in 3D, which means that the whole surrounding world will be beautiful and aesthetic, down to a variety of small things, which are many if you look closely.

In addition, the developers have also taken care of the game to satisfy gamers of all levels, since there are two modes, casual, in which everything is not so difficult, you can spend your time and hone your skills, but the second mode is an expert , whose name speaks for itself, this option is perfect for those who could pass the game in the first mode.


  • Very beautiful graphics and detailed world
  • Great gameplay, which will appeal to every fan of arcade games.
  • Extensive set of traps, secrets and obstacles
  • Excellent physics and convenient operation
  • You can not stay here, so you'll have to develop memory and reflexes
  • Two game modes are available
  • Quite a long gameplay, which will take two hours ...
  • No advertising and donat ... though on something it will be possible to save

Disadvantages of the game:

  • The game is paid, there is no trial version, the price is just over four dollars

Bottom line: The main question in such cases, is it worth playing your money? The game Mage and The Mystic Dungeon its worth, because it is compiled competently and qualitatively, so if you are not embarrassed by the fact of having to spend $ 4 on it, you can safely install it.


Mage and The Mystic Dungeon for Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660


4.71★ 94.25%

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2018/01/17 11:31
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Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Version: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Processor: 800 MHz)
Display: 3.20", 480x320
Dimensions: 110.5 x 57.5 x 12.2 mm

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