zombie games for Samsung Galaxy S3


A fresh zombie game that will show you one of the options for the development of the world after the zombie apocalypse, which, apparently, happened once again ...


Briefly return to the subject of zombie, along with the new game from the developers of Lonely Few, who did not offer to destroy these beautiful creatures, quite the contrary ...


Again, the zombies ... and what's more, over the shooting range! Again, take up a gun or other firearm and go shoot the walking dead, who are interested - driven!


Today, we once again came across a game that is made on the basis of Minecraft, but now is not the runner, not a sandbox or even race a full-fledged zombie shooter!


Returning to the theme of zombies in this game you will be offered to enter into a bloody battle with them, and to show courage and perseverance that are uniquely useful here!


It's time to go hunting, that's just the world in which you find yourself, you can only hunt zombies ... More then one has not! Combine business with pleasure;)


And another strategy, which this time tied to the world of the famous series "The Walking Dead", which, in general, is not surprising, I would say even more - it's time!


Personally, I have missed a zombie, I hope that you, too, because this game is all about them! However, today you can forget about horror movies, it's pretty positive sports arcade.


Fresh action in which your party to be cleaned streets from the crowds of zombies, walking here at home, although it may be before it was their house ...


Playing like zombie like Tower Defense, I mean that such full, but this is something special, especially cool graphics and an open world, and this is interesting!


A unique application that fully wedged into reality, such a dive you have never experienced, moreover, you are a direct participant in all the fun;)


Zombies on Android again, and this time it is a strategy with the ability to play it endlessly, endlessly want to fight with zombies? Then swing the game!

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