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 Battle of Zombies

Game Battle of Zombies is another page in the zombie topics such to which you have not yet become accustomed, in fact zombies in this game is not important, just so happens, in fact, it is a great strategy MMO!

 Humans vs Zombies

Humans vs Zombies is a game of another representative of the zombie theme is not the first and not the last on our site, but not the first and only today ;) rating for the game is quite decent, so I recommend you to pay attention!

 Action of Mayday: Last Defense

Game Action of Mayday: Last Defense is another zombie shooter in which you have to shoot many zombies by holding the last line that separates the only chance for salvation from imminent failure to hell!

 Zombie Massacre

Game Zombie Massacre something vaguely reminiscent of the king of the genre - Angry Birds, but it is clear, everything is about zombies, and geymp slightly different, so if you're already pretty tired of birds - welcome, download and play!

 Last Heroes

Last game characters from the developers RV AppStudios is another advanced platformer about zombies, which, as is customary for years - you need to brutally kill in large quantities!

 Deadman's Cross

Deadman's Cross - is a unique game for mobile devices, which combined an interesting plot, FPS shooter card and RPG. Events in the world of the game unfold in the near future.

 Monster Dash Hill Racer

Monster Dash Hill Racer is your opportunity to put pressure on the long zombie Humvee equipped gun, spikes, and the like lotions, how can you miss this unique opportunity? ;)

 The Parking Dead

The Parking Dead - is a unique game for your android, which takes place in those terrible times when the zombies overrun the planet. So if you like the theme of zombies and driving - it's yours ;)

 Chinese Zombie War Demon Arise

Again Zombies! At this time in the original, oriental style! Very popular game on the OS iOS Chinese Zombie War Demon Arise and finally migrated device Android. The game's protagonist, a teenager named Sung is a disciple of Taoist school warriors in Ancient China and that it had the mission to clear the holy land!

 Shooting Pang

It is time to awaken the custodians of the world! Planet in chaos due to the onslaught of the undead army. You will play a major role in maintaining peace in the universe with the help of powerful heroes in the game for mobile platforms SHOOTING PANG. So smash zombies and do not deny yourself the pleasure of not paying attention to the other counterparts, the game is worth it!

 Fight Fight Zombanite! DEMO

Fight Fight Zombanite!DEMO - is a game that elevates the genre of zombie apocalypse completely new tactical level. Select survivors and create their own team to fight zombies. Battle the zombies have never been so exciting, and deliberate, so that this time may be interested in serious game players.

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