Samsung Galaxy S3
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Exynos 4212 Quad
Display: 4.80", 1280x720
Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 8.6 mm

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New quest for fans of all mystical and unusual. At this time you are asked to begin a full-fledged hunt demons, only it is still hidden object ...


I hope some of you had already bored by thiram, because this game is another representative of this truncated genre anyway, even shooting ranges are terribly popular, so consider it;)


Continuing the theme is not the most usual games for android I want to introduce you to another game, this time a puzzle format 4D, will agree - is tempting, and then even more interesting;)


Again pensioners go on the warpath with the monsters, this topic is pretty corny, but I suggest taking a look at the game, maybe something interesting in it so there!


Rovio continues to try to win the hearts of fans in other genres, this time referring to the most popular - Rahner! The idea in general is good, in this genre nakosyachit difficult;)


Very simple, platform RPG has found a great response in the hearts of many owners of Android and iOS, I propose to look exactly what it has attracted everyone's attention and that her good.


Quite an unusual arcade game, which by all accounts a little comes out of the familiar faces, and why not? Such games are definitely needed on android and we will try to contribute to this!


Developers from Ubisoft decided to celebrate the coming of spring with new races, with speedboats and clearly in paradise, at least on this hint landscapes ...


Game for android, designed to oust several previously released games like this theme, the gameplay and the situation here is very similar, so we'll see if it even though some differences.


It's hard to call this game the original, but somehow, this team shooter in which you have to kill a lot of zombies in the urban area, so I suggest to evaluate the novelty.


Continued pixel frog adventure in the big city. Are you ready for new adventures and new challenges that await cute frog in the second part of the game? If yes - swing!


The good old game which was given a second chance, and you were given the opportunity to enjoy the classic gameplay and pokatushkami motorcycles of various sewing, to test their strength?

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