Samsung Galaxy S3
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Exynos 4212 Quad
Display: 4.80", 1280x720
Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 8.6 mm

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All apps for Samsung Galaxy S3


Great game for those who are tired of racing cars and is committed to something more sublime, for example - the aircraft! Here you can take to the skies and get a lot of fun with this!


Pretty original game that combines several genres! Then you and the strategy and tactics, and an arcade, on the whole everyone can find something of their own and be sure to fall in love with this project!


This game will allow you to dive into the foundations of the universe and participate in the creation of all that surrounds us, but will have to start small, so please be patient and go on!


Today, owners of androids has become available the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a rally car and hilarious pick up a lot of dust! Meet cool game about the rally!


Very interesting and quite original simulator of this studio! Now you will have the opportunity not only to make a film, and edit the entire film industry and flood the screens all over the world!


Another indie project, which is a simple but interesting puzzle, the main task of which will be the return of owning your tree!


Present to you the powerful zombie shooter! In fact, an ode to the humane violence which is more than appropriate to carry out over the bodies of the walking dead! Shoot and save your life!


A kind of game in the genre TD which is very much like another game ... it happens often, but clones Plants vs Zombies not many have tried to do, the more successful!


Meet the new RPG for your android! How much can you? - Ask you, but you can as much as you want, and when thou good RPG is not enough!


I am sure that each of us is faced with sketches on the piano that hit us and sounded much more interesting than the originals, in this game you can become a real musician who also may have!


Chase through the city at the wheel of a yellow car with checkered roof and sides! Yes, yes! This taxi, moreover, a mad taxi from SEGA !!! Is it possible to miss this?

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