Samsung Galaxy S3
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Exynos 4212 Quad
Display: 4.80", 1280x720
Dimensions: 36 x 70 x 8.6 mm

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Strategy for Samsung Galaxy S3


Card strategy from the famous Blizzard finally released on the android! Rejoice numerous fans of this game, which for the last year has become very, very popular!


Developer G5 izvetsny your conveyor projects done for us for the fourth part of a strategy about the construction of the city and see what moves them this time.


Funny game about viruses, topics which is gaining popularity with each passing year, especially after the African Ebola virus began to rage, confess, who made it?


Another role-playing game with an incremental gameplay, such games is quite small, so I suggest to give this a little time and give a chance to exist!


Strategy, as they say, are different, for example in this case you have to take under his leadership mushroom army who went to conquer new planets ...


The novelty in the genre of Tower Defense, which is slightly different from the usual canons of the genre, so I suggest to look at the game and appreciate how good it is.


And chess are steep! This game is a living proof of that, so now you can play this strategy with beautiful graphics and visual effects that were previously not met!


The new strategy game in which you have to fight in space, on distant planets to defend the honor of your coalition, are you ready to join the battle?


We meet another clone game Plants vs Zombie, many do not like clones, but I will note is that the clone is very good, so I suggest to look at it in more detail;)


Active and very warlike game in which the war are toys, imagine that all these battles invented fantasy child from another toy?


Not the classic strategy of waiting for you at this time, your army will consist exclusively of combat caterpillars, the way the game has an alternative name - BOEGUSENI!


Another RTS is available for your smartphone or tablet to android, be sure to pay attention to it, it is simple and very interesting, besides the classical spirit!

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