Strategy for Samsung Galaxy S3


Clicker, which looks like an old pixel strategy, and its developers do role-playing game called ... let's see what kind of animal they turned out!


A unique game that will allow you to choose your own path street fighter, making it a unique selection of daily and faced with different situations!


A game for those who want to grow their large garden in which there will be many different plants and animals, a bit of the farm, a little from the clicker - this is a game!


Strategy in which you will go to antiquity and become the commander of one of the best armies in the moment, if you can justify their hopes to capture the whole world?


Games in which you need to gather a collection of cards and fight them gaining popularity, here is another representative of this genre, this time the theme of the cartoons here;)


Such characters as Asterix you probably know, it is funny and positive, and yet you surely know the office called NAMCO, guess where this is going?


Continuing the theme strategies offer you the strategy, with reference to the famous game of Minecraft, which many will certainly be very happy to, is not it?


MOBA genre on Android continues to grow, offering more and more new games, by taking into account the features of mobile platforms - this is another representative;)


A new game in one of the most popular genres, which can be known to you at such games like DotA or League of Legends, however, is how it looks on android?


And here again the strategy, which will ask you to go to China ... Subject may not be the most popular, however, military operations there were so many, join us;)


Another variation of the strategy for the android, which involves the construction of the battle and his own castle, which will become a stronghold of all your plans;)


A new game for Android in which you will be offered again become God and carry out his players through thousands of years of fighting for the right to dominate your behalf!

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