Samsung Galaxy S3
Version:Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Exynos 4212 Quad
Display: 4.8", 1280x720 s
Dimensions:36 x 70 x 8.6 mm

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3d game for Samsung Galaxy S3

 Nyan Cat: The Space Journey

Hi all my friends! Today we look at an interesting arcade game from the studio Istom games, Nyan cat: The space journey. The game is presented in the form of Rahner, where Nyan Cat goes up, collecting coins and overcoming various obstacles. As I said, all the way you can collect power-ups that can later be spent on improvements or purchase in the game.

 Dead Trigger II

Hello friends! And today, after more than a year after the first part, the company introduced a new Madfinger zombishutera Dead Trigger 2. Let's start with the background. Dead Trigger - is a zombie shooter. Offering us to fight in a closed area, against infected zombies who are willing to do anything to get rid of you. Dynamic gameplaya, powerful spec. effects are well-designed location - all that memorable for Dead Trigger.

 Happy Dinos

Happy Dinos game takes you back to a time when our planet was inhabited by cute dinosaurs that lived in peace and harmony with the surrounding world, and they can not extinct at all? Anyway, it's a great opportunity to get to know their world, moreover, they themselves will be happy to meet, and not because they are hungry, but just because they are happy.

Battle Of The Saints I

Battle Of The Saints I is the first part of the game, made ​​in 3D role-playing genre, which already guarantees some attention to his person, but there are some other issues that have not noticed that it is simply impossible. For a start it's the classic gameplay, thanks to which you will get a feeling that you're playing in something old and familiar with one hand, but new and interesting on the other.

Era's Adventures 3D

Game Era's Adventures 3D invites you to take part in amazing adventures Era. Era - this is not a period of time, it is very cute and inquisitive dinosaur that is waiting for you to begin to implement the plan conceived by the study of the world.

The Rolling Dead

The Rolling Dead game is not designed for children or people with weak minded, so do not get me wrong - we have been warned. Every minute of the game will be filled with chaos, murder and lots of blood, so if you do not like the sight of blood and cruelty is nasty to you, I'm afraid you like this game also will not work, as all the rest - welcome!

Solar Warfare

Solar Warfare game is a kind of laser shooting, where you have to control the spaceship and travel to different worlds, the performance of which will impress everyone. Try out this exciting gaming experience and would not trade it for a lot of peers.

Stellar Void

Stellar Void game will allow you to master the difficult art of traveling through space and starry void, the occupation is very calming. As you may have guessed, you're in outer space in all its glory with his riddles and mysteries, wonders and dangers, so install and enjoy!

My Little Hero

My Little Hero game will allow you to immerse yourself in the vibrant and exciting dreams of the main character - a boy Billy, who persistently tries to save his best friend. Children's imaginations, especially when such sale will melt anyone, even the most cynical person android!

3D X WaterMan

The game 3D X WaterMan very unusual, because one elementary game includes 3 of the role and the forms in which you have to visit to get through to the end. Inhabit the same you will be in a three-dimensional world of Mario, where your enemy - the devil himself!

Forsaken Planet

Game Forsaken Planet is a strategic action, having a cross-platform multiplayer and entertaining gameplay. I want to draw attention to the fact that this Alpha version of the game, so any issues are reported to the developers of this game will only get better!

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