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Adventure game that will allow you to go to the bottom, but I'm not talking about the image and quality of life, and about the seabed, where it is very dark and actually very dangerous!

Tigers of the Pacific 3

The third part of the air action from Kalloc Studios, who have decided that it is a good idea, despite the slight changes in the gameplay, which is not much different from the previous parts.


Fresh scrolling shooter for those who like something a classic, hardcore and many other buns that offer these games, we'll see what else there was overlooked interesting;)

Run Sackboy!  Run!

The new runner from the makers of one of the most popular console in the world who will send you to a very interesting and beautiful world, is now available to owners of androids!

In Fear I Trust

Horror with the telling name, which the developers have called "adventures" ... anyway, yes, there is an adventure, but you'll be pretty scary at the time of the adventure, want?

Dexter: Hidden Darkness

Great fun for fans of the series "Dexter," which has long been over, but the developers decided to revive old and please all who love this character!

TrainStation - Game On Rails

Another train simulator that, unlike its competitors, does not drag on the side of the blanket cool graphics and such beauty, he tries to take his share of it gameplay!

Geometry Race

Fresh racing runner, who, nevertheless, will not allow to sit behind the wheel of a steep sports cars and take a walk down a long road, here offers exceptional geometric shapes!


Here you have another hit this summer! The game took off so fast all the parameters that was even scared, but she herself was not terrible and very, very addictive!

Drift City Mobile

Racing, which thanks to a rather strange gameplay trying to break out of the genre and become something great, but some of it can be confusing, check.

Lego Batman: Beyond Gotham

Batman is cool and epic, and Lego is at least qualitatively and wondering what will happen if you combine the constructor and this character? Let's see!

ZONA Project X

Very fresh and very interesting project from tematichnyh developers who decided to show the world their version of the apocalypse, the cause of which was the nuclear war ...

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