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Cool fighting game, which, maybe not like the archaic fans of the classics, but surely suitable for all who love a fresh look at the games and what happens in them.


A nice casual arcade, based on which was an excellent physical model, an interesting world and funny characters, what could be better? It's hard to say, but we'll check!


A fresh online arcade that literally from the first seconds of the game will remind you of another project ... so, today we will speak about an analogue, a copy or a fake, what exactly - we will decide.


A fresh project from the once-loved studio Ketchapp, which as usual is a bit like the others, like gameplay, and modest design, let's see what else ...


Unusual, rather positive, but in due time gloomy, atmospheric, a little scary game, which resembles adventures within the psychological thriller ... uh!


I do not think that someone will be surprised by the new raster, but if for some reason the game of this genre you were looking for - keep a fresh project that is a bit about cows and cowboys ...


A vigorous action, which can be compared with a rider and a shooter and even with some well-known many sports games, so what is it really? Let's figure it out.


A new puzzle about plants that can remind fans of the genre at once several other projects - 2048 and the classics of the genre "three in a row", only this time in another shell.


Continuation is not the most popular, but still slasher about martial arts in the style of kung fu! Are you ready to challenge the most diverse opponents and defeat them all?


Role-playing games have been developing for a long time, but with something they started, so within the framework of a pixel day I offer you an overview of the classic role-playing game in 8-bit format !


Unparalleled cartoon "Futurama", known to many has received another game that is ready to throw us again into the world of future and fun, this time quite diverse!


It is possible, but sometimes it seems that everyone has forgotten how to look like real puzzles, but this game will just remind you of this! Stretch your brains;)

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