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Shooting for android


Each of us knows what the classic scrolling shooter, one of the oldest genres, where we are waiting for the usual jet skies and a lot of enemies, and that if we replace the aircraft in the car?


This game is for those who love to shoot and, moreover, to shoot a zombie! The gameplay is very familiar here - take a rifle and hide on the roof on and so clear;)


Space, modern weapons and wild west ... how it all connected? The answer to this can be easy to find in this game, in addition, will simultaneously shoot and show their tactical skills.


I hope some of you had already bored by thiram, because this game is another representative of this truncated genre anyway, even shooting ranges are terribly popular, so consider it;)


It's hard to call this game the original, but somehow, this team shooter in which you have to kill a lot of zombies in the urban area, so I suggest to evaluate the novelty.


Oh yeah! Reached civilization before this game, finally! If someone does not know, then this is the game became the starting point for the genre of third-person shooter, you know where this is leading?


Today, you will find two games from developers, and perhaps I'll start with the classics - a vertical scrolling shooter involving aircraft with such games, we are perfectly familiar;)


Survive in another precarious situation prompts you to play No Hope, which quite successfully combines the two genres - shooter and Tower Defense, further judge for yourself;)


Fresh shooter in which we again have to defend the right of mankind to survive in this cruel world, which became even worse ... will be able to withstand the new darkness?


New game about the sniper in abstract format «Stickman», which will offer you not only the plot, but also quite interesting gameplay with challenging tasks! Snipers are back in fashion!


Developers from Craneballs decided to make this spring hot and recently released the third part of its award-winning game! Let's see what new interesting they could do at this time.


Again, shooting ... so I thought at first, but experience has shown that the shooting took a step forward, and in the right direction, it is interesting that it has to offer - read on.

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