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Shooting for android


A new type of "shooter", which nevertheless is actually the most common shooting range, however, are very beautiful, crafted and very diverse, and this attracts a large number of fans.


A new game from our old friends, who finally moved from the live wallpapers to the gameplay is well aware, moreover, is recycled classic! Recommended for viewing;)


Again, the zombies ... and what's more, over the shooting range! Again, take up a gun or other firearm and go shoot the walking dead, who are interested - driven!


For fresh shooting from the major developer, who already does not know how to attract the audience, this time we are waiting for Hollywood action hero, who was supposed to dilute the gameplay ...


Just a few days ago I wrote that the android is very difficult to find a suitable shooter and this came across fresh representative of the genre, I should say, very decent!


The long-awaited continuation of the representative of a rare genre for android - this shooter, where you are given complete freedom of movement and plenty of other opportunities, less and less of us attending ...


It's time to go hunting, that's just the world in which you find yourself, you can only hunt zombies ... More then one has not! Combine business with pleasure;)


Developers from Poison Games have long established themselves as fans just terrible, dark, so it's no surprise that there was another gloomy shooter;)


Fresh scrolling shooter for those who like something a classic, hardcore and many other buns that offer these games, we'll see what else there was overlooked interesting;)


Very fresh and very interesting project from tematichnyh developers who decided to show the world their version of the apocalypse, the cause of which was the nuclear war ...


Fresh shooter is quite well-known developers who offer us stroll through various space stations and restore order there, shoot all!


Another echo of the franchise, which is preparing to fill the new film of the same name, but it is not, you can perform a series of dangerous assignments with gunfights.

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