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Shooting for android


This game is a regular ride to the part of developers to build a androila for something adult and decent, that's just judging by the current implementation is hanging by a thread ...


The game will allow you to join the fight against the invaders and help the dragons to find former freedom by destroying all their enemies, if interested - read on!


On our website at least a few times a month there are reviews of such games, and there are many more, but here in their shelf replenishment again ... this time will fly by helicopter!


The game is a chameleon, because in all respects looks a lot cooler than it actually is, is a game that has a great foundation but for some reason does not want to use it ...


This game is a shooting range next to your android, but from many other similar genre it features a lot, at least honesty developers, what it was about - read on!


Classic space shooter that long and did finally did on the fashion trends, but if it helps to pull the game from the long-forgotten genre?


New shooting range available to all owners of androids! At this time, you will defend their country against air attacks militant side, so be prepared to take up the defense!


Again, the owners of the androids to become snipers! That's just it's not a simulator, and a thoroughbred arcade whose main goal is to entertain you and allow a break from the ordinary.


A game for those who are tired of the routine and looking at the stars is not a blind eye, because that's where you have to charge their blasters and go to the conquest of space!


Again, your attention is invited zombie shooter! Theme that, at first glance, has outlived its usefulness, but developers continue to try to break out of this vicious circle, will it succeed?


If so, and talk about the classic space shooter, then the developer must also be a classic example NAMCO, they really a lot to know about classic games!


Zombie Shooter !!! And no, it's not just another shooting, which sprung up too much! Developers simply took up the idea and made a shooting gallery had this game, it is worthy of our attention!

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