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Shooting for android


Another shooting range, which, unlike many games in this genre have not tried to apply a cool shooter, the developers simply do not deny that you have to stand and shoot ...


Warhammer 40,000 universe is so boundless that it is difficult to be surprised a new book, or even a game, which is not much, but still have to wonder if this realization!


This is exactly what should look like a classic shooter! And yes, it's a real shooter in which you decide where to go and whom to shoot, and with a view from the top!


For a long time we did not have shooters, or rather the shooting range, because the shooter on Android is almost no and this project was no exception, it is the most common shooting range with a variety of enemies!


Let somewhat unusual, but still scrolling shooter in which developers have decided to take the 3D environment and shove to get your 2D plane that came out of it - read on!


For those who like to play shoot and shoot to play this game is uniquely suited, because today we have a classic shooting gallery with a pretty nice graphics!


Quite an unusual game about the sniper that somehow stands out from the large number of similar projects, and what exactly - read on!


If you want to shoot, then this game is perfect, anyway nothing else it does not offer, in principle, only the shooting, weapons and a lot of enemies!


Sometimes we'd like to shoot zombies and target better not find here androids owners are very lucky, shooter with zombies completely and that's one of them!


Do not be surprised, but we have again a game about zombies, we again have to shoot them, a lot of them again and again, the game promises to be hot! We charge the cage, driven!


The new shooting range for android who can not boast of something special but modest graphics, which will allow him to play even on the gadgets, the details - on.


A fun game for android which can be attributed to the genre "tower defense", but only with the proviso that the tower will be just you! However, we have already seen this;)

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