LG e612
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7225A, 800Mhz
Display: 4.00", 480x320
Dimensions: 66.5x118.3x9.5 mm

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Race for LG e612


Developers from Ubisoft decided to celebrate the coming of spring with new races, with speedboats and clearly in paradise, at least on this hint landscapes ...


The good old game which was given a second chance, and you were given the opportunity to enjoy the classic gameplay and pokatushkami motorcycles of various sewing, to test their strength?


New arcade racing with an unusual and very interesting implementation, in particular - you will manage a real pick-up transformer! Forward to new challenges!


The second game of today, too, was runner, and in a format not less popular - it's a race runner! And with good graphics, known machines and robust implementation!


Today we have a race with a very strange and annoying name, but will not meet on clothes, I suggest to unpack the game and see what she has to offer. Getaway


Take part in the mini world championship in the new races for android, then rounded animation and slightly chubby cars, but whether it is so important compared with the roar of engines?


New race on android that are a little more resemble, it is gratifying that this is not a regular runner, but still with a good race and we are already familiar with, let's see what developers will offer this time.


New race for android, who will send you to the city at night, which is just waiting for a bold and ambitious rider who wants to conquer the world with speed and a lot of competition!


The game that looks like a new race, but which is in fact a new Rahner, however - racing Rahner, so that all the fans of this genre - Welcome!


This game is nothing more than a race! Just do not expect to see the usual asphalt and sports cars, this time you have to be behind the wheel maneuverable aircraft! Getaway


In most games for android need to get away from the police, be it race, runner or something like that, but in this game you have to become a police officer himself and to restore order on the streets!


Did you miss the runner? I know that miss! But kill several birds with one stone, because this game is not just a runner, it's a classic and race, so be sure to see it!

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