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 Crash Drive 2

Game Crash Drive 2, as one can immediately see a continuation of the first part, which, despite its simplicity has earned many positive reviews, so without hesitation developers quickly made ​​the next part!

 CSR Classics

Hello, friends! Today we look at the game from the studio CSR Classics NaturalMotionGames. Yes these guys did CSR Racing, who took the leading position in the app store. Game as well as the first part consists of a so-called drag racing, where we propose to use the gearbox for maximum speed. Fleet will be presented in the updated avtotrekov legends. You can choose a classic model of BMW, Audi, Ford, Mersedes, Shelby and others.

 Zombie Road Trip

Hello, friends! Today we look at the game Zombie Road Trip, it was released in early 2014, but somehow slipped past our editorial board, although we carefully monitor the output of games, and so we decided to do a review for this like we missed a very worthwhile game . So, the game is a racing game in which you will need to drive the car as fast as possible to overcome prepyatsviya that you are not caught up with a bunch of hungry zombies.

 Hot Rod Racers

Hot Rod Racers game for those who like speed and cars, screeching tires and the smell of burning rubber, though the smell of you on android and feel, but the adrenaline get the full! Download and dipped into the race with his head!

 LINE Go! Go! Go!

LINE Go! Go! Go! - It's fun and colorful arcade racing game for tablets and smartphones, with endless gameplay! Get ready for a high-speed race at insane speed. Try to go as fast as possible, and the farther you can drive, the more points you earn.

 Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Hi all my friends! Today we look at the new game from the studio Best Free Games, Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing, yes agree title is a bit long, but it does not spoil the impression of the game. The game is a race on a steep bike, where you will need to manage your own bike and a person to perform a variety of tricks. In the game you will be able to customize the bike, adding new frames, wheels and brakes. Very character also possible to dress up.

 Colin McRae Rally

Hi all my friends! Today we look at the great race ported to PC, Colin McRae Rally. On consoles and PC, it came out in 2000, and was named Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0 Last year, the developers moved the game on IOS-Soup, and now it's time to green robot. Well try to understand everything in order.

Ridge Racer Slipstream

Game Ridge Racer Slipstream is created in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the Ridge Racer series, a race that has become a legend, moreover, it became legendary almost every time when a new part appeared. Will it be like that this time?

Transporter 3D

Transporter 3D is a game for our android devices, in which you can learn about a profession named “trucker.” At your disposal you will find a large and powerful truck, so have fun!

 Monster Dash Hill Racer

Monster Dash Hill Racer is your opportunity to put pressure on the long zombie Humvee equipped gun, spikes, and the like lotions, how can you miss this unique opportunity? ;)


If you love motorcycles, driving fast and adrenaline, the game created specifically for android and named MOTOCROSS MELTDOWN necessarily to your taste! Become a celebrity in this crazy sport!

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