LG e612
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7225A, 800Mhz
Display: 4.00", 480x320
Dimensions: 66.5x118.3x9.5 mm

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Race for LG e612


Again, we are waiting for the race for survival, the apocalypse without any other anti-utopia, the usual battle of strong machinery and desperate drivers who are ready to do anything to win!


If someone missed the powerful jeeps, incredible stunts and the roar of engines, then this game can be a bit to dispel melancholy, not a simulator is true, but it is still fun!


New race for android is always interesting, especially if it is not a regular runner, and quite a decent product with a wide range of opportunities for everyone.


Today, we are waiting for a deadly race through the story of the classic film of the same name, where powerful machines not only competed in speed and shooting at each other with machine guns!


Not the most popular, but a very active entertainment - race to the bottom, they are popular in the first place in America where one pit driven a lot of cars are smashing each other!


This is a new race for the android, that's only done it in a very unusual role, because it was a crazy! In addition to the originality, there are other good quality;)


Third-party developers, the game inspired Crossy Road decided to create something in a similar style and have made quite a nice touch runner, check and you;)


Again and again the zombie apocalypse, but the classics of the genre we have a method of dealing with them, which is based on the first part of this game was in the form of a reliable car!


New race with great graphics in the style of «Hill», here you are waiting prepared cars and a lot of obstacles to be overcome is not out of gas;)


New feature to burn rubber and enjoy the roaring engines, sat behind the wheel of various modern cars and prohvatit on beautiful trails presented in this race!


With this game you have the opportunity to drive on the Buda hills on the high-tech vehicle with modern weapons, while the game was carried to the genre of racing ...


Finally, the owners decided to make sturdy android races, which I will evaluate and propose today, I should say, the game was quite entertaining!

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