LG e612
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7225A, 800Mhz
Display: 4.00", 480x320
Dimensions: 66.5x118.3x9.5 mm

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Race for LG e612


The latest adventures of the famous red cat Garfield await you on android, and this time it's again the race, because something like this already, if you remember ...


This time you do not expect ordinary race, but a real controlled drift, because the usual race is boring - everyone can go straight, but sideways ... can?


In an attempt to create something new and different from other races on the water, developers have created this game, which, unfortunately, did not justify many of our hopes.


And again, the race for your android! That's only this time the developers decided not to climb onto the asphalt and is so busy that a large number of competitors and is served in the rally, where, as they pokazlos be easier.


Simple platform race that is available on your android in HD and ready to offer you the classic gameplay for recreation and survival in the next apocalypse.


Ordinary game is a cross between the classic Rahner usual racing, as for me, there is only one significant plus - cool cars, namely a real American classic!


The next race is more like a sample of the pen of a young developer, rather than on the finished product, but even here there are interesting pieces and features!


A classic example of the racing Rahner with not the classical control, in most cases it is a car, and here you will find something resembling blisks ... funny, is not it?


Developer Creative Mobile has prepared for the owners of the androids and iOS continuation of one of their hits, the game Road Smash, the first part of which enjoyed high popularity ...


This game may remind you of anything out of the race in which you play and see what developers will be able to offer us in this buggy project for android users!


This game is a continuation of the Race the Traffic, which has become a killer time many owners of the android, in spite of its simplicity and some oddities, let's see what has changed;)


Unusual about the old, about how you can describe this game, because on the one hand, it is the ordinary race to the bottom, on the other hand there is an interesting story ... what will win?

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