LG e612
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7225A, 800Mhz
Display: 4.00", 480x320
Dimensions: 66.5x118.3x9.5 mm

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Race for LG e612


A controversial game that will appeal to probably the only fans of the Soviet and Russian car industry, so if you're from a small number of them - go ahead, see what to do for you ...


If someone loves pie dangerous races, then this app you will definitely enjoy it, because there is all that is necessary for happiness, danger, cars and circles!


one more race for your android that will not be able to once again boast a simulation, but can please pretty simple arcade gameplay. Getaway


If someone wants to race, and the cars are already tired, that is a transitional version of the car to a motorcycle - namely, the ATV, which is kind and easy, and the like and on four wheels!


If someone of you longs for the race runner, it's time with this tie! This game is an excellent representative of this particular genre, and most likely you will like it!


Among others, this type of racing as the "Rally" is quite popular, of course, this genre is presented in good android, but that does not stop to appear new games and delight us!


Not so long ago we had a game in which you need to drift in a limited area, the game continues to this idea, only to developers, we already know;)


Sit on a powerful motorcycle and prohvatit at high speed down the long highway, maneuvering between the flow of cars ... madness! But only if it is in reality, and here everything is possible !!!


Racing for the candy - this is what awaits you in this game, which will be a great addition to the festive mood and a great gift for anyone who loves sweets!


Fresh game that will allow you to drive on a rocket, collect coins and set new records! In fact, we've got a nice mixture of Rahner and races that will appeal to many!


Snowmobile races, which are positioned as children, but the developers are confident that they are suitable for all ages, take a look it is.


The game, which made me rejoice, then disappointed, then again and again delighted to be disappointed ... I do not know what emotions it will cause you - read on and decide for yourself;)

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