LG e612
Version: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor: Qualcomm MSM7225A, 800Mhz
Display: 4.00", 480x320
Dimensions: 66.5x118.3x9.5 mm

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Race for LG e612


The game that looks like a new race, but which is in fact a new Rahner, however - racing Rahner, so that all the fans of this genre - Welcome!


This game is nothing more than a race! Just do not expect to see the usual asphalt and sports cars, this time you have to be behind the wheel maneuverable aircraft! Getaway


In most games for android need to get away from the police, be it race, runner or something like that, but in this game you have to become a police officer himself and to restore order on the streets!


Did you miss the runner? I know that miss! But kill several birds with one stone, because this game is not just a runner, it's a classic and race, so be sure to see it!


Continuation of sensational and populyanoy series about extreme racing on motocross bikes, we'll see what surprise the developers in the fourth part, Getaway


Once again, the race! Here are just a decoration in these races is very unusual and perhaps for someone places and strange, but give them a chance, because a lot of good in them, too, there is!


I offer you a new free racing project, which is suitable not only for those that love the genre, but also to those who use not the most recent and powerful android, because the game is "easy";)


Again, we have to go on hilly terrain, get behind the wheel of an SUV and drown the gas pedal in the hope that over the next stepping stone finish ... we are waiting Getaway


Cross country race with the ability to ram opponents and shoot them all these games already have, such as Reckless Racing, but it may be time for them to step aside?


I think many people have heard about the game Re-Volt, legendary in some circles, and so today's game is trying to compete fairly with the famous veteran!


Following the controversial race with radiomashinkami we throw on rough roads, dirt and dust in our eyes where a new legend is born!


The latest adventures of the famous red cat Garfield await you on android, and this time it's again the race, because something like this already, if you remember ...

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