Race for LG e612


Who wants to singe one set of tires? In this game, the opportunity you are happy to provide this as a new race for android, Start Your Engines, comrades!


A little speed and nostalgia for the old days will bring into your world, this game is definitely not ideal, but it has a future, which we'll talk!


New race for android are so very new and many people do not seem to me, certainly not to show why - read on, if you're interested of course;)


The game in which the center of the universe was the car, but not a simple car, and a nice representative Muscle Car breed is gaining more and more fans!


A game in which you have to conquer the off-road on a very popular and even legendary jeep, so if you're not afraid to get dirty a little - get started!


Another racing game that can frustrate even me, and how and why - read on, and still think about how it happened so that it downloaded more than 10 million ...


Another game about drifting, which sunk into the soul not only a lot of players, but also for developers! So, if you did not have the smell of burning rubber - swing!


Madness on the roads, so you can roughly determine the race that will take you beyond the smooth asphalt, there, where there is a special machine, called "Buggy."


New game about zombies, where our true friend will once again be the car that in addition to protecting us from the dead will perform a variety of missions!


And we race again! Only this time, no need to drive in cars, and on the pieces that are much faster - on planes known Swedish company ...


The next race for android that will offer you a rather unusual for this format gameplay built on survival, only one capable of it?


New race for the android, in which you have to confront the police, showing driving skills, so that the plant's motors start!

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