Shooting for HTC One X


Online games continue to conquer the people and, of course, has long been looked after a new platform - Android OS, with all that is growing and growing every year!


Continuing the theme of online games, I want to introduce you to a new project .io format, which is clearly different from the majority of others, if you like to shoot - you are here!


Zombies continue to advance, and all the more interesting format, for example in the next shooter, who I am today, and you want to submit a review!


For fresh zombie shooter in which you have to take their extermination, however, the game looks a bit modern, but this format has long been familiar to many!


This film is waiting for many, including myself, so it's no surprise that for the occasion and the game done, though it is a regular advertising, but it was canceled!


If you remember, recently on our site was a review of the game, which is a bit like the famous Counter Strike, and so I found another that resembles it even more!


This feast for fans of shooters on android, moreover, it is a holiday for the 'old school', namely players who caught the beginning of a game like Counter Strike!


I never thought I'd say this again, but even shooting can be interesting, because that's how you can describe this new game, which is also, zombie ... yes, zombies again!


The long-awaited (?) Return to the shooting range for android, the first of which received a very large audience exceeded 10 million ... which I thought was very strange!


New action of your android, which has over their shoulders story telling that could be achieved stunning games, but the reality has returned to their seats ...


Great shooter has long been known to us from the developers BulkyPix, who always know what to catch players! This time the game is too catchy, but what exactly - read on!


Sequel to the massively popular scrolling shooter about the aircraft, where you have to conquer the skies again and to destroy a huge number of enemies are ready for this adventure?

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