Game Warp Shift is a puzzle game for android developers of Deep Silver, who continue to please the owners of androids unique projects. From recent reviews of these developers, you can read about the Lost Horizon, Secret Files Tunguska, Dog Mendonca and some others. All these projects consistently combines quality performance, cool graphics and a lot more that occurs not always, not everywhere and rarely where it all at once, but then it's all there, but for the money. Most of the projects have paid Deep Silver, this was no exception, so if you like this game - $ 3 to you, without the possibility to download a trial version. But there is one thing that I am personally a little disturbed. The three main games from these developers, this adventure with elements of quests, or vice versa, as you like, which means that there is a plot, character, charisma, twisted stories and beautiful location, and this puzzle game ...

But let us not be upset ahead of time, because one look at this game is enough to understand - it is worth the money!
According to the simple story of your character goes on a magical journey through the fantastic world, which, in turn, requires you to think and solve the tasks at each level, thereby ensuring their journey. Each level you can go a little better or a little worse, it will show the number of stars in the end, but it depends directly on the number of moves you make, the less - the better. What is most interesting, very puzzle here rather primitive (at first sight, of course), at the start will be asked to 4 cube, in one sitting, your hero in one portal to the next level, and on one of the faces of both kubor is the door by aligning the door you pass the level, but do it in a minimum number of moves will be a very difficult ...

Among other things the game has stunning graphics, which affects all that there is, worked through each pixel, but even this is not the most important, because the most important thing - a wonderful soundtrack that will accompany your game from the first to the last minute and you will definitely be able to enjoy it hours!

Bottom line: Yes, the game Warp Shift is not the usual quest, but it also does not eliminate the possibility of a great time, and if you like puzzles more than a quest, in this case, the choice has already been made!


Warp Shift



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2016/08/27 10:58
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