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Game Taxi Sim 2016 is a simulator for android developers from Ovidiu Pop (Romania), who, as it turned out, did many other simulators, so that if it is interesting - look. But to continue about this game that simulates the work of a taxi driver.

Of course in this game plot as such can not be here and everything is clear, because everyone used the services of a taxi, and understands what it is this work. Pick up passengers and are traveling to a destination by itself, security is above all! That's it so deliver us and will do today.
The game is like - everything is reasonable, quietly and efficiently, at the same time, the game requires a lot of resources from your device, it is also quite valuable to a large audience. You have to start with the choice of car, of which only eight here. The first - a classic American yellow taxi is available immediately on it and you start. In addition to the yellow taxis have English cab several Mercedes, including a minivan, a couple of other cars, but the coolest car there will be a Rolls-Royce, that's just to make it an honest living (in the game), you can not buy it can only be It costs real money and it's fun to EUR 3. Purchase at your discretion, because without it would be quite interesting to play.
After the vehicle of choice to choose the city in which you start work, at the moment only four cities, two (New York and London) are open at once, the rest will have little to gain experience, the developers promise to add more cities in the updates. Next, you can choose one of four control options and receive training, thankfully, optional. And here by the way, will be the most interesting, because you get a well-drawn car that runs speedometer with tachometer, a lot of useful buttons, including turn signals, and in the cities even observed the movement and in the same London movement right hand, so small things here do not even complain about, and that is an important part of any simulator.


  • Four-developed city (there will be more)
  • excellent management and physics
  • good graphics
  • eight cars to choose from
  • It has the ability to play online
  • Car crafted interior
  • there is system damage
  • it is possible to be operated with a manual gearbox
  • Four options Control
  • Pedal sensitive screen
  • changing weather
  • great sound engine

games Disadvantages:

  • small Donat from which there is easy to abandon

Outcome: Taxi Sim 2016 is a great game simulator of taxi and there is nothing more to say, if you were looking for a game - enjoy!


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New in this version
-Fixed Multiplayer Bug
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