Game Desire is the quest for the android, which is prepared by the French designer Sylvain Seccia, executed in black and white, and more, is done on the topic of the day, making fun of all the vices of modern society. This game is difficult to call a full-fledged entertainment, it is quite difficult in terms of perception, I would say, reminiscent of classical literature. Read more difficult, but the meaning is! Here and there, so if you think about it, it is a very strong project, and if you do not ponder, what's the point?

Desiree - was the name of a little boy who goes to school (at the beginning of the game), and is already at this young age, he feels all the darkness of this world, so much so that even refuses to draw the sun. Gothic comrade in general. Besides, the boy has a unique disease, it does not distinguish colors, the whole world before his eyes gray, somewhere dark where something lighter, there's you know what mood will rise a man ...
All of your trip will be sent out to try to help the boy to learn to distinguish between colors, or at least give the maximum opportunity to understand the world of color. In the story, you will meet a lot of different characters, communication with which is required to cause a sufficiently strong emotions in you and your character.

It is fairly typical quest, at least there is dialogues (unfortunately in English only), there are different things that you need to find and use, and of course there is a lot of puzzles, solving that you are approaching the ultimate goal.
But the main idea is that whether or not the world is full of colors and joy? Maybe the problem is that even cured the boy did not see any difference?

Bottom line: the game Desire is hardly typical, however, the developer is clearly not count on ordinary audience, this game is created for those who share experiences and see all the problems in the game described, plus, it's someone should have $ 4 to pay for the game ;)




4.49★ 89.75%

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2016/05/25 10:21
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