Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles
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Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles


Game Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles is a very exciting project that really can help you in the development of his intellect, and in a format very exciting game, which will ask you to solve a lot of tasks, based on a realistic physics and mechanics. The developers of the game made by Orbital Nine, for which this is the third project, but this will be the most popular, it is clear at first sight!

Drawing mechanisms.
Most puzzles offer us virtually ready-made solutions, which only need to find, in this case, no action, there is only the problem, but how to deal with it - your business, and each time you will create a mechanism from scratch. Each playing field is almost bare canvas on which to draw, and there is some sort of object. Let us can stand a bowl inside which is a ball, you get a job - to make sure that the ball fell to the ground, respectively, your task is to draw like a stone over the cup, which in the fall will touch her and upset so that the ball fell - then the task will be executed. Examples of such lots, each job is very unusual and has a huge number of solutions. Task estimated the stars, the maximum you can get three, but it is not so easy. , You need to fulfill three conditions to get three stars - do the job, to have time to do it for 10 seconds to draw only one piece. If you draw a lot or do not fit in time you will lose a star for each parameter. You will fall in the levels of which are the red zone, you can not draw it, that a little complicate the problem.


  • regular updates with new challenges
  • All your results fall in global ranking
  • huge number of solutions for each task
  • We found a unique solution? - Share with your friends!

games Disadvantages:

  • There is a small Donat
  • a lot of advertising, including video

Bottom line: if you like a challenging and interesting job, the game Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles is your choice! Moreover, something like that is hard to find for the android, so that in addition to the excellent puzzle game is very original, and something even unique!


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