The End of the World
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Game The End of the World is not an arcade and even a quest called adventure is also very difficult, however, for this genre emerged, and its description - graphic novel. Such games are slowly but surely beginning to appear on the android, offering us to become parties to the next narrative, what do we tell this time?

If someone is waiting for positive or drive from the ongoing stories - remember, it's pretty sad and clearly no different dynamics. She tells us about the suffering of a young man after a breakup with his girlfriend. The situation is painfully familiar to many, so that you can easily guess - a pleasant little here that say the developers built the moral anguish of the hero in the absolute, in which we are to be.
The plot in this game is definitely there, but no specific narrative, we can not wait, just in general terms, realizing what had happened. The main character is depressed, wanders aimlessly through familiar places and memories attached, from which the lighter does not become. It seems that the world around him collapsed, ended, ceased to exist. Why is that? Here is what we will try to find out.

As part of the gameplay is nothing complicated there is no and there can not be all that is required of us - to wander through the gray city and look for special zones which can interact and being in them, we have to find the clock and click on them and get another dose tresana memories then somehow we again find ourselves in the room and we will be asked to find another similar place.

What we liked.
The history of this kind, in some life, without incredible adventures, so that in fact we will be able to observe the life of the average person on the site which may prove to be one. All locations are made stylish likely hands, plus the game exactly like the fans of dark and gray, as well as tragic.

That was not pleasant.
Frankly, the game is boring, what is more, it is very short, the developers claim that if desired, it can be completed in 20 minutes, with all that she paid. Price - half dollar, but is it worth to pay them for 20 minutes?

Bottom line: the game The End of the World is a rather unusual project, like it is not for everyone, so read carefully and watch the video if you really want to buy it.


The End of the World



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2016/02/27 10:29
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