Game Tramp is a classic among platformer, and it manifests itself in everything from gameplay and finishing design of the game, which turned out to be easier to nowhere. What may catch such a simple game? In fact, only the fact that the external simplicity hidden under the hardcore gameplay, and to master at least 10 levels will have to try hard!

According to the classics of the genre the game is divided into levels, each of which is relatively short, however, may seem simple, only the first two or three ... different from each other levels will set the obstacles and the general background color, which can be blue, red, green, orange and so on (depending on the difficulty level), the same frame, which will be all the information, as well as our hero and obstacles will always be black, amazing savings!
The goal is very simple - to get to the door at the end of the level, so only do it will be very difficult, any encounter with an obstacle takes you to the beginning of the level. A variety of obstacles will be, in the beginning it will be the usual spikes are enough to jump, then will quickly moving platforms, jumping conveyers, and so on. With each level the number of obstacles will only increase, so pass it will be harder.
The frame, which is black, is for informational purposes only, it will count down the time that you spend on the passage of each level, there will be a button, clicking on which you can put a pause at the top right of the screen will be marking the level at which you are, and in the middle It would counter that if mocking, said the total number of times that you have already done. Do not be surprised if the three-digit number will be ...
It is also worth noting that want to dive back in the game has as many as ten levels of difficulty, bud someone will be easy, even on the ground, as if someone and be able to beat the game on the lowest difficulty level, it is not certain that this wizard in these sufferings;)

Outcome: Tramp game is a classic representative of the hardcore platformer, has a very simple design and management, but this is the first game developer, so I do not see any reason to find fault with much. By the way Donat in the game.


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