Moto RKD dash
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But we will try! So I present to you an ambiguous project for android, which is called the Moto RKD dash and it is a kind of racing motorcycles for your android, only there is one "but" - this you have not seen!
The first thing that catches your eye - this is racing and it's about bikes! The second - a game costs almost two dollars, it is probably a good race on a motorcycle! Third - What the ... ???
Approximately passes and familiarity with this game, so before you buy at least watch the video and pictures to prevent similar situations. But objectively, the developers just wanted to revive the spirit of the project in its games from the 80s ... and it all necessary?
I generally do not mind classic, retro and other things, but when it is appropriate and in moderation. Yes, in those years did a good platformer, it was interesting, and the gameplay has been shown to have been unique, but what about the race? Yes, they were almost all suck! In those years it was not possible to make beautiful graphics, good physics and a wide range of vehicles, and the three main components to a good race! And because this game is the will of the developers we have from the '80s, then there is no good graphics and physics do not have a choice other things, very modest. Well, who is satisfied? Perhaps fans of rare, which I am not.

We ride around.
And it's not a joke, and it really is. Racing is a classic circular tracks, immediately, we have a constant line, which is simply twisted into a ball due to curved horizon on it and we have to drive. It looks quite unusual and interesting, but no diversity in general does not give, and it then severely lacking. The goal is simple - to go as fast as possible, crashing less and come to a better position, which will earn the most points - no originality. The only thing that really liked - the soundtrack, which then just cool, it is impossible to argue with this.

Features Moto RKD dash on android:

  • simple and clear Arcade
  • high dynamics
  • soundtrack genre "trans" and similar
  • about 10 levels
  • There are bonuses

Weaknesses games Moto RKD dash for android:

  • Paid game
  • weird graphics
  • missing physics
  • no part of the diversity of gameplay

The result: probably something like the game in the 80s and looked only graphics were even worse. Anyway, from the nostalgia of games I did not arise.


Moto RKD dash

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3.57★ 71.33%

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2016/01/12 11:43
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