Make today the original strategy for the android is quite difficult, so developers Foggybus Ltd did not even try to do that, but they are worthy job of gameplay, which eventually like any fan of the genre. The plot of the game, unfortunately, not found, so we will throw right on the battlefield, offering to conquer all that falls on the eye.
The game is divided into levels, which turned out to be a huge number - more than 300! Each level is a challenge to capture the towers, arranged in different places. In addition, each tower can provide your army with new units, which will differ in some characteristics and a slightly different look. However, the appearance of troops purely abstract, as much in this game, the emphasis is precisely on the tactics.
Greatly complicate the task, and the fact that on the other side of the card similar actions will deal with your opponents, so that at some point the whole map is divided into towers that capture you and who captured the enemy, and then they have to have to win that much more difficult. In this connection, it is recommended to rush at the beginning, then later will be a little easier. During battles, you will receive an experience that can be spent on the modernization of the army, without which no cost, no one strategy, like this;)

Features BattleTime:

  • wide variety of cards, each of which is a complicated task strategic
  • good graphics
  • Easy management
  • addictive gameplay
  • many heroes with unique abilities
  • more than three hundred battles

Weaknesses games BattleTime:

  • lack of plot
  • No trial version, the game will have to buy, however, the price is ridiculous - about 20 cents ...

Bottom line: despite the ridiculous price of the game was a very interesting project, and without Donat ... so definitely recommend, especially if you like challenging tactical problems.



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3.56★ 71.17%

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2016/01/01 11:47
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