InCell VR (Cardboard)
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InCell VR (Cardboard)


New products, which are called "breakthrough" or something similar very much, but for the most part there is just a beautiful graphics that will pull a little for a device, and in this case we do something new, something we have not seen before, and this immediately implies two minuses.
The first - the game paid the price, though, is ridiculous. Less than a quarter of the dollar will have to pay for this game, lower than the prices I had not seen. However, without the fact of payment of the game you do not download.
Another minus, derive directly from the game itself - in no sense without glasses virtual reality ... Yes! She uses this technology to launch us into the depths of the human body in a very exciting and dangerous journey. Of course you can do without it, but then what is the general meaning of the game? Nevertheless, the regime "without glasses" in the game there, so if the very idea of ​​it you will find interesting - everything is permissible.

For design, we find ourselves a small cell that travels through the human body and fights with dangerous viruses. So we are waiting for an unforgettable journey with a mixture of policies and educational programs, as recreated all of the upper class, with high precision and responsibility. In all of this gameplay can recall many of the most common race, where instead of smooth asphalt we are waiting for the blood vessels, no less tortuous and a variety of obstacles.
Of course, only with the points you get a full picture of the situation and a very beautiful inner world of man, only the obvious fact that this is a sample of the pen, and the technology is in the bud. So do not be surprised that there are problems, including the fact that your eyes get tired quickly, so take care of vision and do not play a lot;)

Bottom line: the game InCell VR (Cardboard) is a small step forward for the entire industry, in any case, this is a subtle hint of what could be the game on our androids in a couple of years, it seems to me very interesting.


InCell VR (Cardboard)

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3.6★ 72%

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2015/12/16 11:34
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