Knights of Pen & Paper 2
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Knights of Pen & Paper 2


Anyone who is interested should immediately understand - the game is paid, its price is nearly five dollars, which is quite a lot for pixel games, whatever it may be. But the second part, so there is something to be judged, and the first part was very popular, it was also paid and it did not stop her from getting nearly half a million downloads, which is very much for such projects.
Presumably, the second part, which was a logical continuation of the game, players will receive more or at least as much. So what is the essence and what this game is so hooked?
To begin with - this game has become a full-fledged simulation of the original board game, and board games people like, very much! Here they gradually pulls to the side of the mobile versions, which many do not mind, but someone on the contrary, capable and happy. The game is full of humor and twisted story lines, and this is more than half success, because most of the games can hardly boast such.

The most epic in this game - a simulator, and so real that the main characters just sit down and start playing your favorite tabletop role-playing game, and the very leading begins to tell all sorts of tales of distant lands or introduce new monsters, which you and to fight. So, the simulation was very interesting and unusual at least, among the games on Android this I have never met.
As part of the role, then all of the canons of the genre, choose the type of your character, his specialization and pumped skills, trying to pick the team with the perfect balance:. According to IMS - a classic of the genre, the one everyone's favorite.

Features Knights of Pen & Paper 2

  • unique in its kind simulation that develops
  • Customize your party "from" and "to" in search of the perfect group
  • equipment capabilities and the creation of objects has become more
  • New job, new locations and new dungeons

Outcome: timeless, which is due to android continues to lure to his side even more fans of the originals, see what will happen next;)


Knights of Pen & Paper 2



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2015/10/11 10:44
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