With Arkanoid genre we are already familiar, his idea is simple - destroy blocks that will be on the playing field, through which the ball must hit the platform crawling on the bottom of the screen. But many obvious problem srkanoid became some boredom, especially when there is one small block in some godforsaken corner and you've tried to get into it again and again, patience is running out, or you lose ... is quickly bored and that's fine.
But Arkanoid evolve, they are mixed with other games, such as to improve and introduce new ways of development and progress through the levels as in this case. The game BloXout your task will not be stupid undistinguished destruction of blocks on the field, although they will be there, too, the most important thing - to get to a special current which is a spinning atom or something like that. Once the target level ends, so do it much faster than to destroy all the blocks on the level.

Anyway, this game is perceived as a classic, in fact it it is a little dobalveniem will give dynamic progress through the levels. In addition to the classic gameplay we get a smooth animation, great graphics and interesting design that also appeal to many. But what we do not get is the ability to play free BloXout have to pay a dollar and a small trial or demo versions of the game also has not, so either pay or leave it.

Features BloXout:

  • a new vision, the classical approach
  • interesting and familiar gameplay
  • the game is easy to understand, but very difficult to achieve good results
  • fun to be replaced by disappointment
  • good level design
  • beautiful graphics
  • more than six dozen levels to pass

Disadvantages games BloXout:

  • game purely fee, no other way
  • levels might be more

Bottom line: the classic is always itself, and this game is not too far removed from the classic Arkanoid, but experience has shown that playing it became more interesting, that's just a pity that it is paid, it discourages many potential users.



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3.49★ 69.85%

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2015/02/15 10:52
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