Play and look at familiar places and locations from the world of Monopoly, its atmosphere is present here as well as in the board game. Collect up to 16 playing cards for tablets and smartphones to 8. Thanks to the new modern graphics, old places will seem more beautiful and original, this part of it is much more interesting version of the classic board. Also you can get all sorts in his possession property and develop it safely. Also in the game there are exclusive game rooms that will not be in the game forever, Have time to carefully evaluate all. Earn points, achievements and game tokens. Bingo is presented here in all its glory. The game also has a few mini-games such as the number of luck and quick lottery. Get all sorts of bonuses and prizes, MONOPOLY Bingo they are endless!

Features MONOPOLY Bingo:

  • The game, which combines all the best side game Monopoly and Bingo!
  • Excellent colorful graphics and music
  • Lots of familiar game locations from previous games Monopoly
  • 16 game cards on plates and 8 on smartphones!
  • Win a different property of the world game, possess and improve it.
  • Huge amounts of achievements and bonuses, symbols and tokens!
  • Two built-in mini-games!
  • Exclusive playrooms!

Download MONOPOLY Bingo


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2013/11/25 10:25
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