All apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE I815


Logical format "escape" has long been settled on Android and other mobile platforms, so that more and more difficult to surprise the user, but not this time!


The puzzle about the cute robot that wants to get another hand to be more efficient and better perform their duties! Can you help him?


Clicker, which looks like an old pixel strategy, and its developers do role-playing game called ... let's see what kind of animal they turned out!


The new game, which will give us the opportunity to once again look at the vision of the developers of what will happen after the next apocalypse!


New role-playing game from the developers of beginners YEMA studio, which offers us a classic confrontation between the survivors and the zombies, which needs brains ...


Simulator cruise ship ... I was very happy when I learned that this game is, because to get on a cruise ship is not so simple, it proved easier ...


Funny eight-bit arcade game, which is sure to appeal to all who love the classic platformers, because the atmosphere there is clearly of the last century!


Another variation on the theme scrolling shooter in which you can play on your android, at least if you like action and hardcore, which are present here.


Fresh puzzle from beginner German developer, which offers us an interesting job and a nice sleek design in a minimalist format.


Amazing game, which can be recommended to all who love the classic arcade games, and also wants to win another corporation trying to take over the world!


Classic scrolling shooter in which you go to space, and will destroy a lot of enemies, almost as usual, but there are lots of advantages;)


The game, which at first glance may seem quite primitive, however, in reality, is a very interesting product, why - read on!

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