All apps for LG Optimus LTE


"Taken" film watched by many, and so, in this game to some extent developed on a similar subject, offering you save the kidnapped daughter of the protagonist!


The new online battle loved by many «io» format, which will bring you many hours of fun, victories and defeats, and most importantly, there is only the real players!


Excellent car simulator in which we will have to break these cars literally crush, trying to survive in a pile of iron and aggression!


A little bit of physics and electricity is waiting for you in a new puzzle game for the android that uniquely appeal to all fans of the genre, it's time to stretch your brains!


Simulation of the last year in which you will be offered to become an auto mechanic, and this time to repair large trucks to be a Czech brand ...


Fresh arcade game from the famous Ketchapp studio that does not shine with originality as many other projects, can there is something else? We have to understand what is happening!


New race for android in which you will be offered once again to let the smoke from under the wheels, and as long as possible to stay in the beautiful state of controlled drift!


Gloomy role-playing game, which is sure to interest all fans of the genre by offering a classic gameplay, which is collected from several components!


The game, which tried to combine two disparate genres - racing and football ... frankly very strange, but beautiful, fast and fun!


A new puzzle game from the novice developer, realized she was in a maze format, but it offers original gameplay and interesting tasks!


Fresh application that will allow your body to prepare for the spring, by the way, it's time to start! Nevertheless, there is a plan to be calculated only 30 days!


Role-playing game that tried to combine several genres, and quite successfully coped with it! Let's see how this happened;)

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