All apps for Acer beTouch E120


If you are looking for a dynamic and crazy game - that's it! More madness than I do here in few places meet, so if you are ready to plunge into chaos - Getting Started!


Black Dragon knows no mercy. He came here to destroy this world, killing everyone in its path. Gather your team and prove to him that much more welcome!


Again voxel graphics again and again chase cars, because you robbed the bank and now have to flee in his car, how far you can go?


I love the cute characters in the games? Then this app - an excellent choice for you and your smartphone. History enotika, developing city, just will not leave anyone indifferent.


New race for the android, in which you have to confront the police, showing driving skills, so that the plant's motors start!


Pretty simple arcade game, made in a classic style, a bit like the genre of Tower Defense and scrolling shooter at the same time, and yet there is a skeleton;)


Stranded on a desert island is a real test of will and ingenuity, to survive which are available in this game, it does not remind you of anything?


What we have been waiting for a long time, namely, the new cool racing for android! In this game you are waiting for the license cars and beautiful graphics, is not it wonderful?


Games for android continue to surprise, because more and more we offer the country of employment, the cashier work, here stand in a traffic jam ...


Insanely classic platformer is exactly what sometimes really is not enough. This game generally does not stand out from the competition, but that this is its charm!


zombie platformer may not be able to surprise you, however, it will be able to adjust the desired fashion, because we have again and hardcore meat! It's time to fight, terminators! ;)


MOBA genre on Android continues to grow, offering more and more new games, by taking into account the features of mobile platforms - this is another representative;)

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