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להורדה Google Calendar 5.8.11-181451485-release

חדש בגרסה זו
Drag & Drop - easily reschedule events, reminders and goals directly from day, 3 day and week views.
מידע כללי
גרסה 5.8.11-181451485-release (2015639961)
תאריך העלאה 2018-01-18 19:36
גודל 19.1 MB
עברי לא
אנדרואיד 4.2+
ארכיטקטורה -
בדוק יישום
הקובץ מסומן
find accounts on the device

Allows the app to get the list of accounts known by the device. This may include any accounts created by applications you have installed.

add or remove accounts

Allows the app to perform operations like adding and removing accounts, and deleting their password.

full network access

Allows the app to create network sockets and use custom network protocols. The browser and other applications provide means to send data to the internet, so this permission is not required to send data to the internet.

control vibration

Allows the app to control the vibrator.

read your contacts

Allows the app to read data about your contacts stored on your device, including the frequency with which you've called, emailed, or communicated in other ways with specific individuals. This permission allows apps to save your contact data, and malicious apps may share contact data without your knowledge.

read calendar events plus confidential information

Allows the app to read all calendar events stored on your device, including those of friends or co-workers. This may allow the app to share or save your calendar data, regardless of confidentiality or sensitivity.

add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners' knowledge

Allows the app to add, remove, change events that you can modify on your device, including those of friends or co-workers. This may allow the app to send messages that appear to come from calendar owners, or modify events without the owners' knowledge.

prevent device from sleeping

Allows the app to prevent the device from going to sleep.

use accounts on the device

Allows the app to request authentication tokens.

read sync settings

Allows the app to read the sync settings for an account. For example, this can determine whether the People app is synced with an account.

run at startup

Allows the app to have itself started as soon as the system has finished booting. This can make it take longer to start the device and allow the app to slow down the overall device by always running.

approximate location (network-based)

Allows the app to get your approximate location. This location is derived by location services using network location sources such as cell towers and Wi-Fi. These location services must be turned on and available to your device for the app to use them. Apps may use this to determine approximately where you are.

read sync statistics

Allows an app to read the sync stats for an account, including the history of sync events and how much data is synced.

toggle sync on and off

Allows an app to modify the sync settings for an account. For example, this can be used to enable sync of the People app with an account.

view configured accounts

Allows apps to see the usernames (email addresses) of the Google account(s) you have configured.

read subscribed feeds

Allows the app to get details about the currently synced feeds.

write subscribed feeds

Allows the app to modify your currently synced feeds. Malicious apps may change your synced feeds.

read Google service configuration

Allows this app to read Google service configuration data.

receive data from Internet

Allows apps to accept cloud to device messages sent by the app's service. Using this service will incur data usage. Malicious apps could cause excess data usage.



view network connections

Allows the app to view information about network connections such as which networks exist and are connected.

read Gmail

Allows the app to read your Gmail.



measure app storage space

Allows the app to retrieve its code, data, and cache sizes

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3.14★ 62.77%

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