Farming Simulator 18
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Farming Simulator 18

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The game Farming Simulator 18 on the android is a simulator, which is so much a simulator that is not suitable for every player due to a very specific theme and some more moments about which I will definitely tell. Objectively, this is by no means the first part of a series of games that appear already for a year with indices of 14 - 16 - 18, as if hinting that the technique you will get is the freshest and coolest. Prepare these games are still in the studio GIANTS Software, in which other games and do not, well, they like farming, there's nothing to be done. However, everything is very detailed, detailed and real, even the developers themselves position the game as "educational", so it's not just a toy for you;)

If you played one of the past parts, or read a review on our site (and it was!), It's hard for me to tell you something new. In principle, the game has changed not so much. You are waiting for all the same farm, all the same tasks, but only the graphics have become a bit more modern, there is a new technique and a couple of new opportunities, that's all. Frankly, on many this game can catch up with a terrible boredom, but, obviously, it is chosen for a reason, since perhaps it is one of the best simulators on this topic, especially if it is taken into account that it is in principle poorly represented, especially on the android.

The lack of competition has had a strong impact on the monetization format, which in our case implies the fact that the game is not only paid and will cost you $ 3, but it also implies the existence of a donation for which you can buy game currency, Boring, which is more like the truth. Anyway, there is a rough statistics that speaks for itself. The very first part of the game with the index 14 is distributed free of charge and the number of its downloads is close to 50 million, the game with the index 16 was also paid, however, half a million people downloaded it, I think the same success is expected and this part.


  • Fifty units of agricultural machinery and a bunch of lotions to them
  • Open and the world and your own farm
  • Dimensional gameplay
  • Good graphics and excellent physics
  • Six types of crops for cultivation
  • You can breed animals
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Built-in helper
  • You can play with your friends

Disadvantages of the game:

  • Since the last part, little has changed
  • The game is paid, without a trial version
  • The game currency can be bought for real money

Bottom line: if you are a farmer in the shower and are trying to find something similar on the android, then the game Farming Simulator 18 will be the best choice, if this is not your theme, then you clearly do not enter the 50 million people who are interested in this series of games .. .


Farming Simulator 18 for Toshiba Excite AT200


4.01★ 80.12%

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2017/06/18 13:09
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Toshiba Excite AT200

Toshiba Excite AT200 Version: Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
Processor: 1.2 GHz)
Display: 10.10", 1280x800
Dimensions: 256 x 176 x 7.7 mm

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