Farming Simulator 16
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Farming Simulator 16

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The developers of this game - GIANTS Software, for android do not let anything except simulation of agriculture, so that the topic they have experience. Moreover, this game was the third part, and the number 16 is probably the year 2016 ... the other options I do not have.

So here's the oddity of this game, and probably most of the developers.
Just imagine yourself in their place. Do you have a great team and funding that allows you to create an open world to study it in great detail with cool graphics, it is possible to attract a large number of equipment manufacturers, which give you the opportunity to make well-developed models of tractors and combines, provide their drawings and spare parts lists . You have the ability to add sound economic component, and many, many other possibilities ... and the question is - why the developers make the game just about agriculture? Why is it a farm that you want to raise "to its knees"?
If they chose whatever any other genre, it would not hit that, it would be one of the coolest games on Google Play, but not ... This game is about tractors, farm, field, fertilizer and other .. .
By the way the first two parts were very popular, they were paid and not looking at the number of downloads is easily exceeded half a million, which is an excellent result for a paid game. So much it is really interesting ... but still ... the choice of the genre not clear to me. The only excuse here - the almost complete absence of competition, because doing so cool game about farming still has not been tried and, apparently, will not.

All sorts of advantages and opportunities in the game Farming Simulator 16:

  • large open world
  • cultivate and expand their farmland
  • a great choice among manufacturers of agricultural machinery
  • thoughtful and wide interface
  • full economic component
  • cool graphics
  • five kinds of crops that can be grown in their fields and sell when the collect
  • breed livestock and production milk, wool and more
  • an opportunity to cut wood
  • You can play with your friends

Disadvantages of the game Farming Simulator 16.
I can not say that the fact that the game is paid someone to confuse. All previous parts of the game, too, were paid, and to pay for such costs. However, compared to the last part of the price of games has tripled and is nearly $ 5. In addition, the developers did not do the game any synchronization between devices that recklessly when players are taken seriously for the development of their land. So, many complain of deteriorating management techniques, and other little things that slightly spoils the overall picture ...

The result: in the absence of obvious competitors in the android's hard to say how much the game is good, so that all you need to decide - are you ready to pay five dollars, and pay a lot of time to cultivate a virtual farm ... but as practice shows, are ready.


Farming Simulator 16 for Toshiba Excite AT200


4.16★ 83.29%

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2015/08/12 10:06
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Toshiba Excite AT200

Toshiba Excite AT200 Version: Android 3.2 (Honeycomb)
Processor: 1.2 GHz)
Display: 10.10", 1280x800
Dimensions: 256 x 176 x 7.7 mm

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