Tanks for Sony Ericsson Xperia pro


Tanks do not happen much, especially if they are tanks for android, which will be discussed in this game. Immediately it should be said that this is not a competitor of WoT or analogs, just an alternative version of a tank battle ...


Ordinary tanks for androids are not as interesting as the authors of this novelty thought, and the competition is high, and here you can find the tasks and the construction of the base and many other interesting points.


The royal battle for the android in which the main role will be taken by tanks, as well, the usual situation is opponents, diminishing locations and other interesting features.


New for android in which you are waiting for tanks and other players with whom you need to fight, defending their honor and honing their skills, not a competitor, of course for WoT, but also worthy of attention.


There are many areas on Android that have become classics for a long time, one of them is tanks, which are inferior to some, but confidently hold their positions, which we have seen once again.


Combine Worms, tanks and Angry Birds and you’ll have this game that we thought was incredibly interesting and worthy of your attention, so read on!


For some time, many have even forgotten about tanks for android, but the genre is alive and well-being, they have already decided to make a game on this subject even in Korea, we’re watching!


Not the freshest, but already well-established game about tanks for android, which could well become an excellent time-killer for those who love online battles for rating.


Tanks do not happen much, even if we are talking about games, especially since our site has not had tanks for a long time, so keep up-to-date games about tanks on your android, so how? Read further.


Tanks have long been registered in the role of a popular theme for creating games and even on android tanks paid quite close attention, and the second and the next instance.


A typical arcade, which was made very similar to the classic scroll shooters, that's just the target audience of this game is clearly not aware of what a classic scrolling shooter ...


The success of famous tank projects does not leave indifferent other developers who are trying to collect the remaining crumbs from a couple of global projects ...

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