calls for Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos


Each of you encountered a situation when your favorite smartphone calls at the most inopportune moment, but the program Agent - do not disturb & more willing to help you avoid these negative situations.


Nights Keeper program is true and reliable keeper of your sleep, which is ready to protect you from unexpected night calls or messages. The essence of the application is to create lists, one will be those contacts whose messages or calls you will hear at any time, at another, tied to the time span will be those who will not bother you.


Video Ringtone Maker - Very good app with which you can set video ringtones for your phone.


CallTimerPro Free - limiting the length of calls with auto-hang up and call back.


Smart Vibrator (for 1.6 +) - A little program that customizes vibration for incoming SMS and ringing.


AutoRecall - The application will automatically save and re-number when the signal "busy" or in the absence of a dial tone. A pause between sets of beeps numbers have to exist separately. Before the ringing lasts until such time as long as you did not get through or did not stop ringing until vruchnuyu.Udobna programm is now available for the family of smartphones based on Android.


Pops - Make your Android phone alerts with fun animations and videos! Pops will notify you about incoming messages - whether emails, SMS, Facebook or Twitter - with stunning screen videos and animations from an ever-growing gallery.


Total Recall Recorder-Introducing the program Total Recall Recorder, which are in fact one of the best for storing voice and audio information. The software can record phone conversations, plus voice messages and voice metki.Eta program extremely convenient - Recall Recorder keeps the sounds in a variety of different formats, as well as a bonus - a record can be divided into categories and write to specific categories of specific records.

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