Action for Samsung Galaxy S7562 S Duos


A fresh role-playing game that literally sends you back to the past, where you again go to the dungeon to earn yourself wealth and fame, how do you like this idea?


This game is quite capable of answering the question - what happens if you combine several famous franchises at once? You can look at the result further in the description ...


The classics of cinema, the open world and some other chips that we know the developers decided to pack into a pixel format and share with us ...


New role-playing game, straight from Japan, and it's only a few days, so, at the moment no popularity, but at the same time, you can become pioneers!


The game in which once again the developers have combined two such familiar concepts to us as zombies and the wild west, on which they somehow turned out ....


Another action game about pirates, which failed miserably among users of the android for a fairly obvious reason, about which I'll tell!


Developers from the famous company called SEGA continue to delight owners of androids with new and new projects that many are already familiar with.


A role-playing game in which you will save the kingdom, but at the same time, use cars ... a strange combination, but why not? We have not seen this ...


A great role-playing game for an android, which, to the frustration of many is far from modern, however, the gameplay here is simply magnificent, which overcomes any negative.


An interesting representative of the genre of "brodilok" and horror in one bottle, which tells another story about zombies and Nazis who became zombies, and you will fight with them!


Quite an interesting representative of the brutal Roguelike format, which the developers initially do not hide, which is immediately reflected in the title, so, let's check;)


A kind of alternative to the well-known format of Diablo-like games, which are not as many on the android as we would like, but they all are and we will get acquainted with one today.

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